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Latest Updates
Welcome the San Bernardino Transit Center Bike Hubitat!
Posted on May 3, 2016 | Leave a comment
It’s Bike Month! Is your bike ready for its spring & summer adventures (or just its everyday commute)? If not, you’re in luck – the new San Bernardino Transit Center Bike Hubitat is opening on Monday, May 9, from 12 – 6 pm! In partnership with the Inland Empire Biking Alliance (IEBA) and San Bernardino Generation Now, Omnitrans is introducing the hubitat as a low-cost, do-it-yourself workshop where community members can learn to maintain and repair their bicycles in a convenient location. For Monday’s grand opening event,extended hours and festivities are planned, including giveaways and a visit from community activist and coast-to-coast biker David Sylvester, whose “Hugs & High Fives” … READ MORE>
sbX Returns to Automatic Station Stops
Posted on April 29, 2016 | Leave a comment
As part of Omnitrans’ May 2 service changes, sbX Green Line buses will once again stop at every station along its route, on every trip. In January, the rapid transit route began a test of only stopping on demand – i.e., when signaled by a passenger, or if customers were at a station waiting to board. While the test was designed to help keep routes running on time during construction, it caused concern among customers and coach operators regarding visibility at stations. In response to these concerns, sbX vehicles will return to the original policy of stopping at every station along the route. Please note that the sbX route continues … READ MORE>
Check out our "Fun at National Orange Show" photos!
Buster and the gang had a great time at the National Orange Show Citrus Fair last weekend, and so did lots of our friends and fans! Take a look at all of the fun in our Flickr album. READ MORE>
The multi-faceted job of Field Supervisor
Our Omnitrans Field Supervisors are accustomed to wearing many hats throughout their daily shift. Not only do they contribute to the overall success of the agency, they maintain a positive attitude of teamwork, flexibility, determination, support and perseverance. READ MORE>
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