Invasion of the Omnitrans Interns!

by Jasmine Rolf, Marketing Intern

Omnitrans is proud to introduce its new intern program! We have hired 14 enthusiastic young professionals from our community, eager to gain real-life experience in their fields of study. Omnitrans recently was awarded the Federal Transit Administration Innovative Transit Workforce Development Grant, allowing departments to create fun and challenging projects to provide interns with exposure they cannot get just by sitting in a classroom.

The Director of Internal Audit Services, Samuel Gibbs, believes interns are valuable to Omnitrans because, “they are able to complete projects departments otherwise would not have time for, which helps improve resources for our Omnitrans riders.”

What is especially unique about Omnitrans interns is that they all come from local colleges and universities, which is vital for the upward development of San Bernardino.  Our interns are composed of graduate and undergraduate students and the program provides awareness of the opportunities available, relevant to their degree within the city of San Bernardino, so that once they graduate they can come back and help the community to thrive.

We are very excited to introduce this group of interns to you!

Michael Crawford, Cal Poly Pomona – Internal Audit Intern

What do you like best, so far, working at Omnitrans?

Learning about the transit industry in general has been very enjoyable for me. I’ve had the chance to visit every department in the agency and get a rudimentary understanding of how each department operates.

 What are your career goals?

My ultimate career goal is to work in investment banking:  managing stocks for companies, helping with mergers and acquisitions, and managing investments for clients.

How does Omnitrans fit within your educational and career goals?

Omnitrans is fitting in with my educational/career goals perfectly; I go down to the finance department at least once a week to learn about how the agency runs its finances. A lot of what I learn here at Omnitrans applies directly to what I am learning in the classroom.

Julie Nguyen, Cal State San Bernardino – Human Resources Intern

What do you like best, so far, working at Omnitrans?

What I like best so far working at Omnitrans is being able to develop and improve professional skills that will be beneficial for my future career goals, while also being in a very positive work environment.

What are your career goals?

My ultimate career goal is to become an occupational therapist working in the mental health or pediatrics field. An occupational therapist helps rehabilitate individuals recovering from mental and physical illnesses by performing activities required in their daily lives.

How does Omnitrans fit within your educational and career goals?

Being a wellness intern at Omnitrans is beneficial to my future career goals because if I become an occupational therapist, my role may also include educating patients on healthier lifestyle practices that would aid in recovery for various treatment plans. Omnitrans fits with my educational goals because I am able to experience a professional working environment that many of my college courses have prepared me for.

Mary Bucayu, Cal State San Bernardino – Finance Intern

What do you like best, so far, working at Omnitrans?

I like how I am able to learn new things about public transit. I love working with the people in my department. They have been really generous with their time and efforts in providing me with projects that would help me instill more understanding of the overall functions of the Finance department.

What are your career goals?

I’d like to be an accountant or a financial analyst. I would also like to become a CPA.

How does Omnitrans fit within your educational and career goals?

Omnitrans helps develop my career and enhance my professional experience in the business field. It is always satisfying how I get to translate the knowledge I learn from school and apply it to my internship. The experience I acquire provides me with a clearer perspective with the career I want to pursue.

Diana Iwais, Cal State San Bernardino – Safety & Security Office Intern

What do you like best, so far, working at Omnitrans?

The collaborative environment among employees and Omnitrans’ overall safety and security.

What are your career goals?

To work for the government in the Emergency Management or Policy Making or Planning areas.

How does Omnitrans fit within your educational and career goals?

Interning at Omnitrans provides me with the required experience to align my educational background with my career goal.








Customers Love the SBTC Bicycle Hubitat!

by Ondrian Yeung, Marketing Intern

The grand opening of Bicycle Hubitat at the San Bernardino Transit Center was a great success! We had a number of community members from different parts of the city come down to learn how to fix their bikes. Everyone had fun spinning our prize wheel, and more importantly learned a lot about bike repair, and went home with a newly tuned up bike!

 “I appreciate it, I’ll be back!” said Levi King, a daily Omnitrans rider who uses the bus to get to school and back. Mark Friis of the Inland Empire Biking Alliance helped Levi fix the brakes on his bike. Levi shared that he’d known for a while that his bike had a problem, but he couldn’t afford to get it fixed. With the Hubitat’s requested $5 donation per session, Levi was able to get his bike fixed and pick up some knowledge for future repairs!

In fact, all of the customers  were eager to learn more about how to fix different parts of their bikes, whether it be the brakes, the tires, or even the chain.

“I wasn’t going to stop, but he [Mark] saw right away what was wrong with my bike as I rode by!” said Furnando Herrera, who uses Omnitrans to get between his home near San Manuel Casino and work, and whose alignment is now fixed and straightened.

“Fixing a bike is like surgery sometimes,” Mark explained as he fixed an intricate part of his client’s bike. “Every tiny piece has its own little spot. We supply the tools and help you figure out how to take care of things yourself.”

Special thanks to our partners at the Inland Empire Biking Alliance and San Bernardino Generation Now for making the Hubitat possible. Don’t forget to check out the Bicycle Hubitat every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:00-6:00pm at the San Bernardino Transit Center!




Welcome the San Bernardino Transit Center Bike Hubitat!

It’s Bike Month! Is your bike ready for its spring & summer adventures (or just its everyday commute)? If not, you’re in luck – the new San Bernardino Transit Center Bike Hubitat is opening on Monday, May 9, from 12 – 6 pm!

In partnership with the Inland Empire Biking Alliance (IEBA) and San Bernardino Generation Now, Omnitrans is introducing the hubitat as a low-cost, do-it-yourself workshop where community members can learn to maintain and repair their bicycles in a convenient location.

For Monday’s grand opening event,extended hours and festivities are planned, including giveaways and a visit from community activist and coast-to-coast biker David Sylvester, whose “Hugs & High Fives” tours promoting kindness in the face of violence have drawn national acclaim. You can even be entered into a raffle for cool bike accessories!

On an ongoing basis, members of the IEBA will be on hand every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 – 6 pm, providing tools and advice for Omnitrans customers and Transit Center visitors. The group asks for a $5 donation for tune-ups and consultation; bicycle parts typically cost under $5 as well.

Be sure to join us on the 9th – come for the information, stay for the fun!



sbX Returns to Automatic Station Stops

As part of Omnitrans’ May 2 service changes, sbX Green Line buses will once again stop at every station along its route, on every trip.

In January, the rapid transit route began a test of only stopping on demand – i.e., when signaled by a passenger, or if customers were at a station waiting to board.

While the test was designed to help keep routes running on time during construction, it caused concern among customers and coach operators regarding visibility at stations. In response to these concerns, sbX vehicles will return to the original policy of stopping at every station along the route.

Please note that the sbX route continues to operate every 10 minutes during peak hours, and every 15 minutes throughout the day on weekdays.

Thanks to our customers for your patience and feedback!

Minor Service Changes Set for May 2

Omnitrans May 2016Just in time for spring and summer fun, the May Bus Book is here!

While there aren’t any major changes to report for your favorite routes, minor adjustments have been made to the following routes, so be sure to check your schedule before you travel.

One item of note:  in response to customer concerns, sbX will conclude its test program of stopping on demand, and once again will stop at every station along its route, on every trip.

To enhance travel times to and from the San Bernardino Transit Center, minor time adjustments have been made to the following routes:

Weekdays:  Routes 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14 , 15 and 290.

Saturday: Routes 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14 and 15.

Sunday:  Routes 3, 4 and 14.

Other Changes

Route 5:  A minor runtime adjustment was made to the weekday schedule.

Route 15 :  A new AM trip from Redlands Mall has been added to the Saturday schedule.

Route 61:  The long-term detour has been lifted on south Vineyard Ave. in Ontario.  Route will resume normal routing along Archibald and Holt.  A minor schedule adjustment also was made to weekday schedule.

Route 67:  Minor schedule adjustments was made to the weekday schedule.

Route 85:  All schedules will reflect minor schedule adjustments.

Route 325:  Minor schedule adjustment was made to the weekday schedule.

You can take a look at the May Bus Book here.

And don’t forget! Mountain Transit and Victor Valley Transit bus passes now can be purchased at the San Bernardino Transit Center.

Take our customer survey for a chance to win!


Take the Omnitrans customer survey for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card and a free 7-Day Bus Pass.Take the survey in English Tome el questionario en espanol Omnitrans, along with several other transit agencies, is participating in a customer survey run by the American Bus Benchmarking Group (ABBG).

ABBG is a consortium of mid-sized bus agencies in North America that was established in 2011 to benchmark performance and share experiences and best practices. The information collected in the survey will help provide a comparative analysis of the bus rider experience nationwide.

PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a $25 Target card & 7-Day bus pass!

Take the Omnitrans customer survey for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card and a free 7-Day Bus Pass. Don’t miss this opportunity! Be sure to take the Omnitrans customer survey by Sunday, May 1st to be entered into a prize drawing for 5  gift packs including:

  • a $25 Target gift card
  • a free 7-Day bus pass

Take the Omnitrans customer survey for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card and a free 7-Day Bus Pass.

Ride Omnitrans and Get $2 Off National Orange Show Citrus Fair Admission!

PrintIf you’re like us, you can’t wait for next week’s 101st National Orange Show (NOS) Citrus Fair in San Bernardino – who doesn’t love carnival rides, cool vintage displays, and fair food? To make the Fair even better, Omnitrans has teamed up with NOS to offer $2 discount coupons onboard!

While supplies last, simply ride any East Valley Omnitrans route (1 – 29, sbX, 290), and you’ll find coupons for a $2 discount on NOS Citrus Fair admission at the front of the bus. Coupons are good every day of the “Blast from the Past”-themed Fair, April 20 – 24.

Omnitrans provides direct service to the NOS fairgrounds via Route 2 and the sbX Green Line.  sbX operates every 10 to 15 minutes on weekdays.  Route 2 runs hourly on weekdays, and every 20 minutes on weekends.

Additionally, 13 other bus routes connect to sbX and Route 2 at the San Bernardino Transit Center, just a mile away from the fairgrounds. Detailed bus schedules and an online trip planner are available at: For personalized assistance in English and Spanish, call 1-800-966-6428.

Because we don’t want to miss the fun, Omnitrans will have “Old Blue,” its vintage 1958 GMC bus, on display at the fair on Saturday and Sunday.  Stop by to take a photo with Old Blue and Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe (at least their cardboard versions)!  Photos posted online with #OmniRetro will be entered into an Omnitrans photo contest. Stay tuned for more details!