Local Vets encouraged to get military I.D. cards in preparation for new Veterans fare

In appreciation of the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces, Omnitrans is honored to offer veterans a new discounted fare and bus passes beginning January 5, 2015. The new Veterans fare will be accepted on all Omnitrans routes including the sbX rapid line, 215 freeway express, 25 local bus routes, and 5 OmniGo community shuttle routes. It is not valid for Access ADA curb-to-curb service.


Veterans will be able to purchase veteran passes for 50% less than the full fare. The cost of the new veteran passes will be:

  • Cash $0.75
  • Day Pass $2.25
  • 7-Day Pass $8.00
  • 31-Day Pass $27.50.


Under the new policy, veterans are required to show a valid Veterans ID card while boarding in order to receive discounted fare. Acceptable ID cards include:

County Veteran ID cards are available at the Hesperia, Rancho Cucamonga, and San Bernardino offices of Veterans Affairs free of charge.

Active duty military

Active duty military personnel may ride Omnitrans buses for free, excluding Access curb-to-curb service. They must wear the appropriate uniform at the time of boarding and present a valid U.S. Unformed Services ID card indicating active service or a Common Access card indicating uniformed services or active duty.

5 responses to “Local Vets encouraged to get military I.D. cards in preparation for new Veterans fare

  1. I am a veteran. I have a VA card and it demonstrates I am 100% service connected disability. The card is a photo id. as well. Would this card suffice? By the way half fare is a great deal. Thanks.

    • Hi Richard, and thank you for your service!

      You are eligible for our disabled fare, which actually costs the same as the upcoming veterans fare. You can find more information on how to apply for our disability ID card on our website at http://www.omnitrans.org/fares-passes/seniors-disability/ If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-966-6428 and we’ll be happy to help.

      If you prefer to use the veterans fare, you would still need to get a Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs ID card or County of San Bernardino Military Veteran ID card.

  2. Great program!

    You have two categories of military identified above who are eligible for the Omintrans discount fare: Retired Veterans and Active Duty Military. Does the discount extend to veterans who have not retired from military service (NOTE: not all veterans are retired)? If not, may I suggest that (non-retired) veterans also be included in the discount program? Thanks, MIKE

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for your question.

      As a transit agency, we are not equipped to determine veteran status and issue ID cards. However, we are lucky to have a county partner with a very robust veteran ID program who does that determination for us.

      Anyone with a DD214 can apply for a County of San Bernardino Military ID card. Omnitrans accepts this ID card as well as the US Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Retired ID Card as proof of eligibility for Veterans Fares.

      Hope that helps!

  3. My father is a veteran from the Vietnam war and although he’s almost 70, he’s still working every single day. I liked that you had mentioned that with these ID cards it makes it possible for veterans to receive discounts and identify themselves as veterans. I like this idea because with the ID it will make it a lot cheaper for my father to do the everyday things that he does and in this case, he could even see a cheaper bus pass for when he goes to work.

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