Enter to win a pair of NASCAR Auto Club 400 tickets!

This contest ended on 3/15/18 at 8:00 a.m.

Start your engines! The NASCAR Auto Club 400 is coming to Fontana this weekend and Omnitrans is giving you the chance to attend Sunday’s race.

The Auto Club Speedway is our newest community partner, and we look forward to working together to connect, engage and inspire elementary school children at the track and in the classroom through Lefty’s Kids Club and literacy program – Lefty’s Reading Challenge.

To celebrate our partnership, we will be giving away three pairs of free tickets (valued at $85 each) to Sunday’s race! To enter, you must leave a comment on this blog post, sharing:

  • Who your favorite driver is, whether it was your school carpool driver as a child, your favorite NASCAR driver or Omnitrans bus driver. Take the freedom to be creative!
  • Your name
  • A valid e-mail address. Winners will receive our free monthly e-newsletter.

If selected, you must be able to pick up your tickets at our East Valley facility located at 1700 W. Fifth Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411 by Friday, March 16, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Winners will be contacted via e-mail, so please check your inbox to claim your prize.

Good luck, and may the best person make it to the finish line!

47 responses to “Enter to win a pair of NASCAR Auto Club 400 tickets!

  1. Buster the mascot for team omni trans local sponsors the million of riders

  2. Peter Shawn Anderson

    Jimmie Johnson is my favorite driver.
    Darrell Wallace Jr is another favorite.
    Al Flores is my favorite Omni bus driver.
    Peter Shawn Anderson Sr

  3. Elliott sadler

  4. Cuedellis F Stanford

    My favorite driver is my girlfriend.

  5. Ricky Bobby is my favorite driver.
    Manuel Duran

  6. ok, my favorite NASCAR driver is jimmie johnson, and kevin harvick..both extremely competitive, and good to their fans..BUT..i also have a favorite omni trans driver. He drives the route 15 bus at 1130 on tuesdays, where im picked up at Merrill and Acacia, and as i am a marine corp veteran, and use my phone for my vet pass, he always says ,” thank you for your service “, which honestly, goes that extra step in customer service that omni trans should be very proud of. I take that route along with a second connection to my VA appts. I do enjoy the ride.

  7. Favorite driver Dale Earnhardt

  8. Felicia Garcia

    My mom was my favorite driver. She always took the time out to drive me and my siblings anywhere we needed a ride to. She’s no longer with us but the talks and memories we had on these drives will forever be cherished. Love you Mom!

  9. Louise Wardwell

    My husband and i have always favored the Earnhardts. It started with dale senior and now to Jeffery. We’ve been fans of nascar since before we could talk.
    Now we have a 2yr old son who loves nascar too. Every race that comes on he and my husband and i sit together and watch it. We’ve never been to a nascar race ever. I would love to win these tickets for my husband and son. I’d love to do something for him. He’s such a great father and supporter to his family.

  10. John Thomas

  11. Hayley Johnson-Uriarte

    My favorite bus driver is this guy who drives the omni bus number 3. He is nice and polite. He has waited on me when sees me running for the bus. He always has a postive attitude. He always says hello.

  12. My husband is my favorite driver. He does work all over SoCal, driving 200 miles or more a day, and somehow still manages to keep his patience with these crazy drivers!

  13. Nicole Monteleone

    My favorite driver is my husband. He has always been my Paul Walker <3
    Nicole Monteleone

  14. Timothy Keheley

    AJ Allmendinger #47

  15. Dale Earnhardt. And Kyle Bush and D. Patrick

    • Jeff Gordon , also great.. found out my friends are going on sunday and already have tickets… 🙁 hope I’m one of the lucky ones…

    • Aww man.. guess I was not one of the winners.. congrats to those who won. Wish I was there this weekend too.

  16. Im so HAPPY with omnitrans always on time

  17. Martha Camacho-Kelly

    Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are my favorite NASCAR drivers.

  18. Victor Ramirez

    I would love to experience a NASCAR racing thanks to Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights)

  19. My favorite NASCAR driver is Kyle Busch #18 my favorite Omni driver is Cheryl who drives the sbx she is just the coolest sweetest driver

  20. Darrell Walt rip is my favorite driver of all time.. My email is nospmas40@aol.com.

  21. Jimmy Johnson

  22. Jeff Gordon to me is the best driver… his driving record is phenomenal.

  23. My favorite driver is dale earnhardt Jr. He was a wonderful and exciting driver to watch and I like how he drove for all the respect for the other nascar drivers. He was always made me excited when he won nascar races in ether the cup series or xfinity series.

  24. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is my favorite driver even that he is retired last year. I was so proud to see him win in cup series and xfinity series. He was a very smart driver to drive in nascar. He was fun and exciting to see on tv diving in nascar.

  25. My boyfriend .
    Samantha Armenta

  26. Brad Keselowski’s my favorite Monster Series driver , Kowalski from “Vanishing Point” my fave Fictional Driver & Gary is my my fave Omnitrans Driver, dunno his last name tho he usually drives Route 66

  27. Growing up, my mom could not drive so we always relied on the support of family members and Omnitrans to get us around Fontana. Whether we were going to the Lewis Library on Sierra Ave., visiting the doctor at Kaiser Hospital, or even going as far as Pomona to visit family we always had friends and Omnitrans drivers that got us to where we needed to be!

  28. My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon. My name is Erik Higa. chromefabric@live.com.

  29. KASEY KAHNE is my favorite driver but Leo Gorden is a close second

  30. My all time favorite NASCAR driver is Kyle Bush

  31. My favorite NASCAR driver is Ryan Newman – the driver of the # 31 Caterpillar-Granger Chevrolet Camaro ZL 1 Ryan Newman is known in NASCAR as the “Rocketman” from his early yeas in 2003 & 2004 wining many pole positions and top 10 finishes. Newman is also a graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in Engineering. Ryan and his wife Krissie have a animal charity called Rescue Ranch in North Carolina.

  32. My favorite driver was and always will be Richard PETTY so now I follow his car #43 no matter who drives it first saw him at Ontario Motor Speedway have several of his model cars I put together when I was a kid also used to go to Riverside motor speedway so I hope I’ll win a pair of tickets to Sunday’s race.

  33. Kevin Harvick

  34. My favorite driver is Kevin HARVICK!!


  36. Michael Wimberly

    Denny Hamlin
    Michael Wimberly

  37. Jimmie johnson

  38. Favorite driver is Tony Stewart!

  39. Jimmy Johnson because he is a California boy and I watched him race on TV since I was a little boy and other nascar car driver is dale ernhardt because he was at first nascar race I attended when I was a little boy at riverside raceway

  40. Charles winder

    Martin Truex Jr. is my favorite. I’m so old Fred flinstone could’ve been my bus driver in elementary school. Lol

  41. Guadalupe savala

    First off my kids love taking the bus even though we have a car it’s fun to them. As for my fave NASCAR driver that would be Jimmy Johnson my kids love him but I have a liking for Joey Logano lately. I also love my mom as a driver, she is a true get to point A to point B driver! You always know when your driving with her buckle up haha she thinks she’s in Nascar.

  42. My favorite NASCAR Driver is Jeff Gordon as far as an Omni trans Driver goes I’ve never really met one who completely stands out doesn’t mean there not out there but I haven’t had the chance …….

  43. Ive always been a Dale Jr. fan but rooted for Kevin Harvick as well. Now that Jr.is retired im a full on Harvick fan. Im glad to say I’ve picked a great driver and crew. Im hoping for a win at the Autoclub Speedway. LETS GO KEVIN HARVICK!!!!

  44. Manuel G. Quiroz Jr.

    My favorite driver is Kevin Harvick!

  45. Ryan Newman driver of the # 31 Caterpillar-Granger Chevrolet Camaro ZL 1.

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