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Visit Buster and Old Blue at the Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion! Plus, Event Route Detours

Come hang with us this weekend in Downtown Ontario! Team Omnitrans will be back at this year’s Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion Friday-Sunday with Buster the Bus and Old Blue, our 1958 vintage GMC transit coach. Take a selfie with Buster and step inside for a throwback experience in our classic bus!

Omnitrans will be located at Euclid Ave. and B Street. The free, family-friendly event encompasses a large stretch of Downtown Ontario’s historic Euclid Avenue as the center of vintage automobiles and motorcycles, and a wide range of food and entertainment.  See you there!

Friday, September 15, 2017 – 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday, September 16, 2017 – 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, September 17, 2017 – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Detours for Routes 83 and 86 will be in effect during this event, along with several stop closures. See below for details.

Route 83
Northbound from Holt:

  • Left on Campus
  • Left on 4th
  • Right on Euclid, resume regular route

Southbound from 4th/Euclid:

  • Left on 4th
  • Right on Campus
  • Right on Holt
  • Left on Euclid, resume regular route

Route 86
Northbound from Holt/Campus:

  • Continue north on Campus
  • Right on 4th, resume regular route

Southbound from Campus/D Street:

  • Continue south on Campus, resume regular route

Route 61 detours for NASCAR events this weekend

Fontana will be abuzz with excitement this weekend as the NASCAR Cup Series and XFINITY Series return to the Auto Club Speedway, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Due to these events, Route 61 will be detouring on Saturday, March 25, 2017 and Sunday, March 26, 2017 in Ontario and Fontana. Read ahead for the temporary detour route:

Route 61 eastbound from Ontario Mills

  • Left on Milliken Ave.
  • Right on I-10 EB
  • Exit Citrus Ave.
  • Left on Citrus Ave.
  • Right on San Bernardino Ave.
  • Resume regular route

Route 61westbound from San Bernardino Ave./Citrus Ave.

  • Left on Citrus Ave.
  • Right on  I-10 WB
  • Exit Milliken Ave.
  • Left on Milliken Ave.
  • Right on Ontario Mills
  • Resume regular route

Please plan ahead if you are traveling during this temporary detour as bus stops along the regular route will be affected. Have a great weekend and thank you for riding Omnitrans!

Guide to September Service Changes

School is back in session, the leaves will be changing color soon, and the new Bus Book is here!

With service changes effective on Tuesday, September 6th comes long-awaited direct service into Ontario International Airport. Taking into consideration the feedback received from riders and operators, Route 80 will now make two stops directly in front of Terminals 2 and 4. To preserve travel time, Route 80 will no longer be traveling west on Holt Blvd. to Euclid and Sultana Aves. in downtown Ontario (please see the updated map below).  Not to worry, though! Route 61 will continue providing service westbound to downtown Ontario.


While there aren’t any major changes to report for our other routes, minor adjustments have been made to the following routes, so be sure to check your schedule before you travel!

Route 14:  Weekday and Sunday schedules have been adjusted for A.M. transfers with Route 61 in Fontana.

Route 19:  Weekday schedule adjusted for improved transfers with Route 8 at Crafton Hills College.

Route 67:  Early AM tripper service to Etiwanda High School has been eliminated. The 3:32 PM tripper will remain.

Route 80:  Service has been added to Ontario International Airport, via Holt and Airport Drive.  Service has been discontinued to downtown Ontario.

Route 82:  Weekday schedule has been adjusted to help serve Summit High School.

Route 290 Freeway Express: Service has been expanded to include more mid-day trips.

In other exciting news, Pass Transit, serving Beaumont, Banning, Calimesa, Cherry Valley and Cabazon, will offer service to the San Bernardino Transit Center beginning September 14! You can get more info here.

Minor changes also have been made to the following routes:

Weekdays:  Routes 8, 11, 14, 19, 80, 82, 83, 84 and 325.

Saturday: Routes 80, 83 and 84.

Sunday:  Routes 14, 80, 83 and  84.

Get a preview of the September Bus Book here.

Omnitrans bus detours for Chino Youth Christmas Parade and Fair Dec. 12

chino parade

Due to the Chino Youth Parade and Fair, Omnitrans bus routes 81, 83, 84, 85  and 88 will be on detour December 12, from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Several bus stops will also be closed. See below for route details.


  • Southbound stops: 8544, 8548, 7732, 6263, 6264, 6265, 6326
  • Northbound stops:  5939, 5940, 5941, 7731, 5942


  • From Riverside and Mountain
  • Left on Mountain
  • Right on Schaeffer
  • Right on Monte Vista
  • Right on Chino
  • Left on 6th into the Chino Transit Center


  • From the Chino Transit Center
  • Right on Chino
  • Left on Monte Vista
  • Left on Schaeffer
  • Left on Mountain
  • Right on Riverside
  • Resume regular route



  • Southbound stops:  8520, 8529, 8530, 7835, 7836, 7837, 7041, 7042
  • Northbound stops:  7727, 7832, 7833, 7834, 8225, 8524, 8526, 8519, 8527, 8492


  • From Central and Schaeffer, turn left  on Schaeffer
  • Right on Monte Vista
  • Right on Chino
  • Left into the Chino Transit Center


  • From the Chino Transit Center, turn right on Chino
  • Left on Monte Vista
  • Left on Schaeffer
  • Right on Central
  • Resume regular route



  • Southbound stops:  5939, 6420, 6421, 6422
  • Northbound stops:  6324, 6325, 6265, 6326


  • From Central and Walnut, turn right on Walnut
  • Left on Ramona
  • Left on Chino
  • Left on 6th Street into the Chino Transit Center
  • Resume regular route


  • From the Chino Transit Center, turn right on Chino
  • Right on Ramona
  • Right on Walnut
  • Left on Central
  • Resume regular route



  • Southbound stops:  6324, 6325, 6265, 6326
  • Northbound stops:  5939, 6420, 6421, 6422


  • From Central and Walnut
  • Right on Walnut
  • Left on Ramona
  • Left on Chino
  • Left on 6th into the Chino Transit Center


  • From Chino Transit Center
  • Right on Chino
  • Right on Ramona
  • Resume regular route



  • Southbound stops:  7349, 7350, 7351, 7352, 6265, 6326
  • Northbound stops:  5939, 7244, 7245, 7246


  • From Ramona and Riverside
  • Do not turn
  • Continue to Chino
  • Left on Chino
  • Left on 6th Street into the CTC
  • Regular route from here


  • From the Chino Transit Center
  • Right  on Chino
  • Right on Ramona
  • Resume regular route

For more Omnitrans Rider Alerts and detour information visit:


Map for Chino Youth Parade and Fair December 2015

Rider Alert Oct. 10 for Downtown San Bernardino

Due to the Route 66 Rendezvous event in San Bernardino this Saturday, Omnitrans routes serving the downtown area will detour from travel along E St., D St., Arrowhead Ave. and 4th St.

Passengers can flag down a bus anywhere along the detour and will be picked up and dropped off where safely possible.



Fontana Parade Detour December 13th

Effective Saturday, Dec. 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Due to the Christmas Parade in downtown Fontana, the Omnitrans bus routes 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 61, 66, 67 & 82  serving Sierra Ave. between Upland and Merrill Ave. will detour. See map below.

Turn-by-turn detour details are available in the Rider Alerts section of our website or on the Omnitrans mobile app.


Routes 19 & 215 detour through end of year

Detours are in place for Routes 19 and 215 through January 1. Please see adjusted route information and stop closure below and plan accordingly. You can find all current rider alerts on our website under the Trip Planner or on the Omnitrans mobile app.

Route 19 Eastbound

  • From M Street
  • Left – Mt. Vernon
  • Right – 10 Freeway (East)
  • Merge right – 215 (South)
  • Exit Washington
  • Left – Washington
  • Right- Santo Antonio
  • Right – Mt. Vernon
  • Left – Washington
  • Continue Route

Route 19 Westbound – (Stop closure #5199)

  • From Mt. Vernon and Centerpoint
  • Left – Santo Antonio
  • Left – Washington
  • Right – 215 Freeway (North)
  • Merge onto 10 Freeway (West)
  • Exit Sperry
  • Left Sperry/Valley
  • Left Mt. Vernon
  • Right – M Street
  • Continue Route

Route 215 Northbound

  • From Mt. Vernon & Centerpoint
  • Left – Santo Antonio
  • Left – Washington
  • Merge onto 215 Freeway (North)
  • Continue Route

Route 215 Southbound

  • From 215 Freeway
  • Exit Washington
  • Left – Washington
  • Right – Santo Antonio
  • Right Mt. Vernon
  • Continue Route