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Rider Alert Oct. 10 for Downtown San Bernardino

Due to the Route 66 Rendezvous event in San Bernardino this Saturday, Omnitrans routes serving the downtown area will detour from travel along E St., D St., Arrowhead Ave. and 4th St.

Passengers can flag down a bus anywhere along the detour and will be picked up and dropped off where safely possible.



Fontana Parade Detour December 13th

Effective Saturday, Dec. 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Due to the Christmas Parade in downtown Fontana, the Omnitrans bus routes 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 61, 66, 67 & 82  serving Sierra Ave. between Upland and Merrill Ave. will detour. See map below.

Turn-by-turn detour details are available in the Rider Alerts section of our website or on the Omnitrans mobile app.


Routes 19 & 215 detour through end of year

Detours are in place for Routes 19 and 215 through January 1. Please see adjusted route information and stop closure below and plan accordingly. You can find all current rider alerts on our website under the Trip Planner or on the Omnitrans mobile app.

Route 19 Eastbound

  • From M Street
  • Left – Mt. Vernon
  • Right – 10 Freeway (East)
  • Merge right – 215 (South)
  • Exit Washington
  • Left – Washington
  • Right- Santo Antonio
  • Right – Mt. Vernon
  • Left – Washington
  • Continue Route

Route 19 Westbound – (Stop closure #5199)

  • From Mt. Vernon and Centerpoint
  • Left – Santo Antonio
  • Left – Washington
  • Right – 215 Freeway (North)
  • Merge onto 10 Freeway (West)
  • Exit Sperry
  • Left Sperry/Valley
  • Left Mt. Vernon
  • Right – M Street
  • Continue Route

Route 215 Northbound

  • From Mt. Vernon & Centerpoint
  • Left – Santo Antonio
  • Left – Washington
  • Merge onto 215 Freeway (North)
  • Continue Route

Route 215 Southbound

  • From 215 Freeway
  • Exit Washington
  • Left – Washington
  • Right – Santo Antonio
  • Right Mt. Vernon
  • Continue Route

June 7th detours due to Fontana Days Run

Due to multiple street closures in downtown Fontana for the 59th anuual Fontana Days Run on Saturday, June 7th, Omnitrans routes serving areas between Summit and Merrill will detour from Sierra Avenue that day.

Click here for turn by turn detour information for Routes 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 61, 66, 67 and 82. These detours will be in effect from  6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Fontana Transfer Center will be open during the event.  

Check NexTrip for live bus arrival prediction times.

New: Omnitrans Rider Alerts Page

Looking for current detours taking place on your route?

Simply click the Rider Alert link beneath the Trip Planner on the Omnitrans home page for a completely list of all detours.

The database is easy to sort by Route, date or city, so you can quickly locate the information you need. Click here to try it for yourself!

We are also working on a mobile-friendly version of these Rider Alerts that will be added to our Omnitrans phone app within the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

Detours scheduled due to Loma Linda Triathlon

Physically-challenged athletes will compete along side their able-bodied counterparts – and raise much-needed funds along the way – at the upcoming 2012 Loma Linda University PossAbilities Triathlon. The Triathlon takes place on Sunday, April 29th from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. For more information on this event please click here.

Omnitrans bus routes 2, 9 & 19 will need to detour during this event and several bus zones will be inaccessible. Please review the details below and plan accordingly.


Detour for Route 2 (Southbound)
From – Anderson
Left – 10 Freeway (East)
Exit – Mountainview
Right – Mountainview
Right – Redlands Blvd.
Right – Anderson
(Layover at the first stop after turn)

Detour for Route 9 (Eastbound)
From – Waterman
Left – Redlands Blvd.
Right – Mountainview
Left – Barton Road
(Continue Route)

Detour for Route 9 (Westbound)
From – Barton Road
Right – Mountainview
Left – Redlands Blvd.
Right – Waterman Ave.
(Continue Route)

Detour for Route 19 (Eastbound)
From – Barton Road
Left – Waterman Ave.
Right – Redlands Blvd.
(Continue Route)

Detour for Route 19 (Westbound)
From – Redlands Blvd.
Left – Waterman Blvd.
Right – Barton Road
(Continue Route)

Route 2 (Northbound & Southbound)
Redlands/Anderson (#5502-5512)
Anderson/Academy (#5503-5562)
Anderson/University (#5505)
Anderson/Anderson (#5506)
Anderson/Prospect (#5507)
Anderson/Taylor (#5510)
Anderson/Stewart (#5511)

Routes 9 & 19
Waterman/Barton (#5191)
University/Barton (#5135-5190)
University/Yardley (#5137)
University/San Juan (#5138)
University/Evans (#5139-5187)
Campus/Prospect (#5140-5186)
Barton/Campus (#5141-5185)
Barton/Anderson (#5142-5184)
Barton/Benton (#0063-0072)
Barton/LomaLinda (#5144-5182)
Barton/Mountainview (#5145-5182)
Van Leuven/Mountainview (#5146-5179)
Mountainview/ Mission (#)
Redlands/Mountainview (#5177)
Mountainview/Cottonwood (#5178)
Mountainview/Prospect (#5180)
Mountainview/Barton (#5181)
Rosarita Dr./University (#5189)

Colton Detours Due to A.R.M.C. Event

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center’s 7th Annual  5K Walk, Run & Fitness Expo will be held in Colton on Saturday,  March 9th from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. One to five thousand people are expected to participate in this free event.

The following detours for Omnitrans Bus Routes 1, 19 and 22 will be in place during the Expo.

 Route 1 Northbound

  • From A.R.M.C.
  • Right on Plum
  • Right on Pepper
  • Left on San Bernardino
  • Left on Wildrose
  • Left on Valley
  • Continue normal route

Route 19 Eastbound

  • From A.R.M.C.
  • Right on Plum
  • Right on Pepper
  • Left on San Bernardino
  • Left on Wildrose
  • Left on Valley
  • Left on Rancho
  • Right on C Street

Route 19 Westbound

  • From C Street
  • Left on Rancho
  • Right on Valley
  • Right on Pepper
  • Right on Blue
  • right on Green
  • Right on Plum
  • Right on Pepper
  • Left on San Bernardino

Route 22 Northbound

  • From A.R.M.C.
  • Right on Plum
  • Right on Pepper

Route 22 Southbound

  • From Valley
  • Left on Pepper
  • Right on Blue
  • Right on Green

Rt. 15 Baseline Construction Detour

From February 4th to February 11th, Omnitrans Bus Route #15 westbound will be detouring from Baseline due to road construction. Only the westbound route will be affected.

Detour Turn-by-Turn
–  From Baseline
–  Left on Central
–  Left on 9th Street
–  Right on Palm
–  Resume regular route

Route 2 Parade Detour November 10th

Celebrations will be in full swing for the 13th Annual Cruizin ‘E’ Street Veterans Day Parade & Car Show on Saturday, November 10th! Due to this popular event, our Omnitrans Route 2 buses will be detouring that day as follows:

Route #2 – Northbound Detour

  • From 5th Street
  • Left on D Street
  • Left on 18th Street
  • Right on E Street

Route #2 – Southbound Detour

  • From E Street
  • Left on 18th Street
  • Right on D Street
  • Right on Baseline
  • Left on E Street

PLEASE NOTE: Omnitrans buses will be running as scheduled on Monday, November 12th. However our administrative offices will be closed in observance of the Veterans Day holiday


Cruizin E St. Veterans Day Parade & Car Show

Presented by: Juan Pollo; hosted by E St. Cruizers Car Club and Inland Empire Military Museum

When: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, November 10th

Where: Original McDonald’s Museum, 1398 N. E St., San Bernardino

Admission: Free

Parade details: Starts 10 a.m. at San Bernardino High School, 1850 N. E St., and continues south past Original McDonald’s Museum to Base Line


Rider Alert: Detour for Route 8

Route 8 will have to detour due to construction on the westbound trip. Detour is in effect until approximately 3:00 p.m.

From Lugonia:

  • Right on Dearborn
  • Left on San Bernardino
  • Left on Church
  • Right on Lugonia
  • Resume normal route