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Premium Shelters Successfully Installed in East Valley

Premium bus shelter installed in San Bernardino.

The shelters are located at the eastbound and westbound Route 14 stops on 5th Street @ Medical Center Drive in San Bernardino, just outside the Omnitrans East Valley administrative building and bus yard.

Thanks to your feedback about what would enhance your Omnitrans riding experience, we are excited to unveil the first premium bus shelters! Two shelters have been successfully installed by our Stops & Stations team adjacent to the East Valley facility on 5th Street @ Medical Center Drive.

Last year, Omnitrans awarded a contract to Tolar Manufacturing of Corona, Calif. to provide premium bus shelters that enhance the passenger experience by providing additional amenities.

Premium bus shelters include solar-powered lighting, a digital clock and real-time arrival sign, bench, large trash can, branded windscreen, advertising kiosk, and a bicycle rack. The new shelters were purchased using capital funding obtained by the agency, to be specifically used on bus stop enhancements.

“The premium shelters are designed to enhance the customer’s experience at the bus stop,” says Omnitrans Development Planning Manager  Anna Jaiswal. “They are unique because unlike our standard shelters, they have electronic signage telling customers when the next bus will arrive, a larger trash can to help keep the stop clean, and a bike rack to improve bike-to-bus connections.”

Additional premium shelters will be installed at high ridership bus stops as funds become available.

Bus stop QR codes offer live arrival times

Omnitrans new bus stop QR codesOur Stops & Stations guys have been hard at work installing two new signs at each of our stops, beginning in the Fontana area. A new bus stop sign with the Omnitrans logo and Route number is located at the top of each pole. The lower part of the pole now displays our new NexTrip sign with information on how to get real-time bus arrival predictions via text, website or phone.

The NexTrip sign also contains a QR code prominently featured in the bottom right corner. If you have a QR code/barcode scanner app on your cell phone, you can simply scan the code for instant bus arrival information. Free QR code/barcode scanning apps are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Check out the video above for a quick tutorial on how to use our new bus stop QR codes. Happy scanning!

Now you can find all the Omnitrans info you need right at your fingertips! Download the free Omnitrans app from iTunes or Google Play. It includes the NexTrip app, current detour information, bus book, social sites and more!

Bus Driver Tip: Be Seen at Night

Some of you may recognize Luis, one of our Omnitrans Coach Operators who frequently drives Routes 14 and 3.

With Daylight Savings Time taking effect this Sunday, Luis is concerned about passengers who might not be easily seen at night. “With the days getting shorter and it getting dark earlier, visibility can be tough. I want to remind passengers to stand by the bus stop and be sure to signal the driver.”

He also offers this tip: If you have a small flashlight on your keychain, turn it on, point it at the ground and move it back and forth to catch attention. But please be safe. Be sure not to point it at the bus where it could blind your driver.

Thanks, Luis!

Have you seen this man at a bus stop?

Dennis Eaves with a photo from his original Omnitrans employee badge

This man has been waiting at the bus stop for 25 years!  Well not waiting actually. Working is more like it. In his two and a half decades, Dennis Eaves probably has been to all of the 2,500 bus stop locations in our 450 square mile service area.

Neither wind nor rain or summer heat wave can keep Dennis down, and in 2011 he had a perfect work attendance record. He’s installed new bus stops and benches or relocated them as needed, cleaned bus stops and removed graffiti.

When Dennis started with Omnitrans, bus stop signs just had the Omnitrans logo on the front.  Since then we added route decals on the signs and installed schedule kiosks at more than 299 locations.  We’ve also added 171 trash cans and 49 solar lights at 220 locations.   Later this year Dennis and the rest of the Stops and Stations team will be changing out all our bus stops signs with new ones featuring our new logo to be unveiled in August.

Since Dennis first began working for Omnitrans in 1987, he’s lost a lot of hair. But he still has the same drive and can-do attitude that he walked in the door with 25 years ago. If you see him at a bus stop near you, be sure to give him a shout out!

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