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Leadership program encourages employee innovation

Six of our employees graduated from the Omnitrans Leadership Action Program (LAP) this month. During the 6-month program, each participant worked on a project of their choosing with the potential to improve a process or generate significant savings for Omnitrans. The participants thoroughly research their projects and present their findings to the executive leadership team for possible implementation. This year, the combined projects have the potential to save the agency more than $2 million per year!

Ross Hrinko: Benefits of Preventative Health & Wellness Programs
Encouraging participation in the agency’s Wellness Program, soliciting employee feedback and enhancing communication on preventative health are a few areas Ross targets as potential areas of refinement.  The introduction of “Company Nurse” services could assist employees with health issues, by making referrals or suggesting alternative treatment. This would cut back on costly and unnecessary doctor visits, while still providing valuable information and support to the patient.

Louise Acosta – Liquid Natural Gas Delivery vs. Pipeline Natural Gas
For her project, Louise investigated the pros and cons of switching from liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel delivery to pipeline natural gas. Omnitrans currently pays for the delivery of LNG fuel from a third party vendor. Natural pipeline gas would cost substantially less than LNG, but initially would require new equipment to compress the gas for our buses.

Joseph Tibita – Reorganizing Mobile Offices for Cost Reduction
Joseph’s goal was to redesign the equipment placement and storage  in our 15 Field Supervisor mobile offices for practical use and savings. By improving the positioning and layout of user interfaces and streamlining the wiring of data and power cables with a docking station, his plan eliminates the problem of lost time due to displaced equipment and slow system access, and prevents safety hazards.

Christina Diaz – Coach Simulator Acquisition & Training
Christina’s proposal to acquire a coach simulator for operator training was recently actualized. By partnering with Cal State San Bernardino in exchange for data generated by the simulator, Omnitrans was able to obtain the $70,000 simulator for free. Coaches are needed for many types of training, but pulling a coach from revenue service costs the agency approximately $90 per hour. As an added benefit, the simulator can safely mimic challenging and hazardous scenarios not easily duplicated on the road. This allows coach operators to improve their reaction times, behavioral driving, judgmental and perceptual skills. The simulator has also been successfully implemented by the Omnitrans workforce development program to introduce the public to regional coach operator careers.

Caroljo Mitcham –  CNG Conversion & Off-site Fueling of Access Fleet
Caroljo focused on the savings generated by transitioning our current Access paratransit fleet from unleaded gasoline to CNG fuel. By obtaining CNG fuel from an offsite service station, current regulatory compliance fees and tank maintenance would be eliminated and costs would be reduced.


Carolann Williams – Rostering Versus Cafeteria Run Bid Process
With the current cafeteria style run  bid, coach operators select and bid on the routes, shifts and days off they want. It is a lengthy process and, depending on how these are combined, can result in split days off for the coach operator. 
With rostering, off days are built into the work assignment, which  reduces the number of days the bid process takes, gives coach operators more varied work assignments to choose from, and minimizes the number of split days off.

Clean Air Award for Omnitrans Go Smart Program

Accepting the Clean Air Award, from left, is Omnitrans Interim CEO/General Manager Scott Graham, Board Chair and Ontario Councilmember Alan Wapner, and Director of Marketing Wendy Williams.

(San Bernardino, CA)— A pilot program that more than doubled the number of local college students using public transit and eliminated an estimated 129 tons of pollution earned Omnitrans a Clean Air Award from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, presented on October 4, 2013.

In 2011-12, Omnitrans initiated the “Go Smart” pilot program dedicated to transitioning local college students in the San Bernardino Valley to using public transit rather than driving to get to campus. Omnitrans partnered with California State University-San Bernardino, Chaffey College, Crafton Hills College, and San Bernardino Valley College to offer free, unlimited bus rides to over 50,000 college students. Approximately 1,450,000 trips were made by over 13,500 individual students in pilot year.

Students had unlimited access to the Omnitrans bus system with a simple swipe of their college ID card. During a typical week, 5,100 unique students rode Omnitrans which means that over 10% of students became regular transit riders, up from 4% prior to the program. Over 25% of enrolled students tried the program at least once.  Subsequently, ongoing self-funded Go Smart programs were established at each of the pilot program colleges and student ridership continues to increase over a year later.

“Go Smart helps reduce transportation costs for students and removes lack of transportation as a barrier to education for some,” said Interim CEO/General Manager Scott Graham.  “Gaining familiarity with public transit while a student also makes them more likely to use and support public bus service in the future,”

During the pilot year Go Smart student logged 8.7 million cumulative miles! By taking public transportation instead of driving, this removed an estimated 129.2 tons of carbon monoxide from the air while also reducing the levels of reactive organic gases, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. Side benefits included reduced traffic congestion near the partner colleges and reduced parking demand on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods.

“Each year, we honor businesses and individuals who work unrelentingly to improve the quality of the air,” said SCAQMD Governing Board Chairman William A. Burke, Ed.D. “These inspiring winners have set an example of commitment and determination for all of us.”

The pilot program was funded by partner colleges and each of the 15 cities and county in the Omnitrans service area, using monies earmarked for emission reduction projects.

Omnitrans spotlighted in USA Today

In this morning’s issue of USA Today, reporter Larry Copeland did a feature story on the growing use of alternative fuels by public transit agencies.

The article highlights Omnitrans as an industry leader in the use of compressed natural gas.  The agency began transitioning its fleet to CNG fuel as early as 1997 and by the end of this month will have surpassed 100 million CNG miles.  LA Metro and Flint Mass Transportation Authority are also included as strong supporters of alternative fuel.

Click here to read the full story.

Win $100 Gift Cards, 100 Free Rides & More!


In April, the Omnitrans fleet will have surpassed 100 million CNG miles!

To celebrate, we’re holding contests and giveaways throughout the month of April and want you to join the fun! Check out the details below.


100 Million CNG Miles Poll
April 1st – 4th
Our clean, green Omnitrans fleet has driven over 100 million CNG miles! What’s that equal to? Answer our poll for a chance to win a $100 Target gift card and a NexTrip phone pouch!

Transit Center Tug of War 1
April 8th – 10th
To celebrate surpassing 100 million CNG miles, we will be at the San Bernardino Transit Center on April 9th with Buster and some awesome giveaways! Which transit center should we visit next, Yucaipa or Fontana? Help us decide with your vote and you could be the lucky winner of a $100 Target gift card and a NexTrip phone pouch!

Transit Center Tug of War 2
April 15th – 17th
To celebrate surpassing 100 million CNG miles, we will be at the Montclair Transit Center on April 16th with Buster and some awesome giveaways! Which transit center should we visit next, Chino or Ontario? Help us decide with your vote and you could be the lucky winner of a $100 Target gift card and a NexTrip phone pouch!

“Why I Love NexTrip” Contest
April 22nd– 26th

NexTrip bus arrival prediction is making it even easier for riders to go clean and green with Omnitrans! Tell us your best NexTrip story, and you could be one of ten lucky winners to receive a NexTrip phone pouch!



April 8th thru 25th
Where would you go and who would you bring with you on a 100 million mile trip? Why? Would you go someplace real or fictional? Would you bring along Elvis or your best friend? You’re limited only by your imagination with this contest. Give us your answer in 50 words or less and you will be entered into our 100 Million CNG Miles contest for a chance at the Grand Prize. See form for details. Submission forms can be found in the Connections on board newsletter or online.

Grand Prize includes:

  • $100 Target gift card
  • Bus passes worth 100 days of free rides
  • Omnitrans fold-away sport pack
  • Omnitrans umbrella
  • Omnitrans baseball cap
  • NexTrip phone pouch
  • Other surprises!



  • San Bernardino Transit Center
        –  Tuesday, April 9th
        –  6:00-8:00 a.m.
        –  The San Bernardino Transit Center
  • Yucaipa or Fontana Transit Center–you decide!
        –  Thursday, April 11th
        –  6:00-8:00 a.m.
    –  Vote on Facebook on April 8th & 9th to help us decide between
    the Yucaipa and Fontana Transit Centers! Final location TBA.
  • Montclair Transit Center
         – Tuesday, April 16th
         –  6:00-8:00 a.m.
  • Chino or Ontario Transfer Center–you decide!
        –  Thursday, April 18th
    –  6:00-8:00 a.m.
    –  Vote on Facebook on April 8th & 9th to help us decide between
    the Chino and Ontario Transit Centers! Final location TBA.


Omni Kids Go Green!

Tori B. shared this colorful bus with us, complete with driver and passengers. We love the green leaf on the wheel!

At Omnitrans, we support our environment by going green wherever possible. Our bus fleet runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of diesel which reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions by more than 80%. Our agencey Green Team is constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to help our offices reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recently children of some of our employees sent us drawings they made that showed Omnitrans as an earth-friendly agency. We thought we’d share them with you. Enjoy!

Has your child created an Omnitrans themed drawing? We’d love to see it. You can share with us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/omnitrans or email us at juno.carlson@omnitrans.org.

Samantha G. shows how Omnitrans green practices are helping to create a happy and environmentally healthy world.


Tori B. turned our new logo into a nicely rounded tree!Tori B. also came up with her own green-themed “O” for “Omnitrans.”