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Coach Operators reach out to autistic students

Omnitrans coach operators Marianne and Larry Rose recently gave a presentation to a class of autistic students at Colton High School. The students asked many questions and were very interested in the daily schedule of a bus driver. They also learned how they can ask a bus driver for help if they can’t find their parents or a policeman.

As parents of an autistic son, Marianne and Larry stressed the important role public transit will play in the future for these students. They finished up the talk by distributing goodie bags, which were a huge hit.

Thank you, Marianne and Larry, for reaching out to make a difference in our community!


Honoring the next generation of Omnitrans

Jose Diaz, Jennifer Roberts, Shanetta Williams, William Bryant, Lorenzo Negrette, Verretta Johnson (trainer), Michele Nieto-Moreno (not shown).
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Our newest Omnitrans coach operators were honored this month in a graduation ceremony where they were awarded Certificates of Accomplishment. The small group of six trained full-time for more than a month, undergoing 3 1/2 weeks of class training and 3 weeks of route training.  They also went through extensive testing including a DMV test, a field course test, a skills test and air brake test. All passed with flying colors and will now take up active duty.

“We will still  do ride checks with them to show support and see if they have any questions,” said Fleet and Safety Trainer Verretta Johnson. “I’m incredibly proud of this class and their skills. They have bonded together to help each other study and achieve their best. They truly are like a little family.”

This graduating class was unusual in that the majority of them had a connection to Omnitrans previously. One of them worked here as a security guard, and three others have family members who are also coach operators. They are already familiar with the company and its benefits and low turnover rate. The job longevity is particularly appealing to them, especially during a difficult economy.

“Most of these graduates are in their early twenties. I can easily see them being with us for the next 20 years or more,” said Johnson. “I think of them as the next generation of Omnitrans.”

Congratulations to all our new graduates. We are proud to have you on board!

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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