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Preparing for service change week

omnitrans september 2015 serivice changes

Service Changes start Tuesday, September 8th

If your normal route is one of those affected by the service changes, plan your trip in advance and allow yourself extra time to arrive at your destination.

For more information on routes and schedules, visit www.omnitrans.org to view the September Bus Book, Guide to Service Changes and other helpful links. Bus Books are also currently available on buses and at pass outlets.

For quick access to NexTrip, Bus Book, Rider Alerts, special promotions, Omnitrans news and social media sites, download the Omnitrans App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

NexTrip Accuracy

Because NexTrip bus arrival prediction information is based on performance history, it will take several days for it to adjust to the service changes.

Omnitrans Ambassadors

Omnitrans Ambassadors will be on hand on September 8th and 9th from 5:30-9:00 a.m. and 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the locations listed below to assist passengers with service change questions. Ambassadors will be wearing orange safety vests to help you identify them.

• San Bernardino Transit Center
• Chaffey Transit Center
• Ontario Transit Center
• Montclair Transit Center
• Ontario Mills
• Chino Transit Center

New Route 290 Freeway Express

• Passengers can ride the new Route 290 Freeway Express service for free Tuesday, September 8th through Friday, September 11th. No coupon needed.

• Both Freeway Express Routes 215 and 290 will have free WiFi on board for your smart devices.

• Freeway Express Routes 215 and 290 cost the same and accept the same bus passes as regular Omnitrans bus routes.

• The closest park and ride lot to the San Bernardino Transit Center is located at the sbX Civic Center Station (City Hall Building Structure).

San Bernardino Transit Center Activities

Tuesday, Sept. 8
Drawstring Bag Giveaway
10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or while supplies last

Wednesday, Sept. 9
Omnitrans Beanbag Game and Water Giveaway
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Thursday, Sept. 10
San Bernardino Teen Music Workshop Concert
4 – 6 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 11
Ice Cream Sandwich Giveaway
11 a.m. – 1 p.m. or while supplies last

Omnitrans Wins AdWheel Grand Prize Award

Omnitrans Wins AdWheel Grand Prize Award

Omnitrans earns 4 APTA Adwheel AwardsOmnitrans was proud to be honored this week with multiple AdWheel Awards from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). These prestigious annual awards acknowledge the creative excellence of member public transportation systems and business members in advertising, communications, and marketing.

Omnitrans earned the both the First Place and Grand Prize Award in the Television Advertisement category for its sbX Launch commercial. Targeted at both English and Spanish speakers, the commercial was a key element in a successful campaign to increase awareness and use of our new sbX BRT line during service launch.  It effectively used imagery and animation to show the features and benefits of the new line with a focus on key destinations that viewers would recognize in their community. This helped generate a 54% increase in ridership along the service corridor during the first week of service.

Our OmniGo bus shelter posters were recognized with a First Place Award in the Billboard/Outdoor Advertising category. These posters were a key element in our 2013 “back-to-school” advertising campaign that boosted ridership by 43.9% over the prior year during the promotion period and helped generate a sustained 16% ridership gain year-to-date on the neighborhood shuttle service. The ads effectively used images and text to reach the student market segment and promote OmniGo service as a convenient transit option for school trips.

Finally, our Omnitrans mobile app received First Place Award honors in the Mobile App category. Created September 2013, the app features NexTrip real time bus arrival information, rider alerts, bus book, social media, events and more. Through the app, we have been able to introduce digital free ride coupons for the first time, send push notifications for critical news, and offer special promotions to users. Currently the app has more than 20,400 subscribers.






Omnitrans Launches Live Bus PredictionTechnology

(San Bernardino, CA)— Wonder when the next bus is due to arrive at your bus stop? Up-to-the-minute, accurate answers are at your fingertips with Omnitrans’ new NexTrip technology!  Now you can text, click or call to access real-time information.

Riders can access NexTrip real-time bus information via mobile web browser, desktop computer, SMS/text, or calling 1-800-9-OMNIBUS and selecting the NexTrip option. Online, customers can view buses and stops on a route map with real-time tracking. They even can sign up for automatic alerts, such as notification when the bus is five minutes away!

Omnitrans CEO/General Manager Milo Victoria was instrumental in bringing the new technology to Omnitrans. “We introduced this in D. C., while I was at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and our riders absolutely loved it. So, I promised our Board we would implement it at Omnitrans,” he said.

To use NexTrip, customers simply provide their bus stop location information by bus route, direction and intersection or an Omnitrans bus stop number, located on all bus stop signs. GPS-enabled phones can automatically provide information for the closest bus stop.  Omnitrans will install new signs with complete NexTrip contact information in mid-2013.  The signs will feature a QR code riders can scan, providing yet another option to access arrival times.

A small group of Omnitrans customers tested the system in early January and gave NexTrip rave reviews.  “I like knowing almost exactly when the next bus was coming to my stop.” said hospice volunteer Krystal Wheeler of San Bernardino.   “The text system is very easy to use. It helps me pace my walk after work so I’m not spending a lot of time standing around at the stop,” said Chaffey College student Marcus Garcia of Chino Hills.

In 2014, Omnitrans will roll out NexTrip electronic message signs on all 23 station platforms on the agency’s sbX bus rapid transit line, now under construction in San Bernardino and Loma Linda.  Real-time information signs will be added to major transfer centers in the Omnitrans system as well.

The NexTrip system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking satellites and advanced computer modeling developed by Nextbus, Inc. of Emeryville, California to provide accurate arrival information for all 2,500 bus stops in the Omnitrans fixed route bus system.  Taking into account the actual location of the buses, their intended stops, and the typical traffic patterns, NexTrip estimates arrivals with a high degree of accuracy.

For more information go to: www.omnitrans.org/nextrip

Prefer a mobile app? You can also find NexTrip information by downloading  the “My Nextbus” app to your android device or “iNextbus” to your Apple device.

Questions?  Email Wendy.Williams@omnitrans.org