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Rebrand variations on old and new buses

Twenty  of the new Xcelsior buses featuring our rebranded fleet graphics have gone into service to replace retiring models. The remaining 144 buses in the Omnitrans fleet are getting a color refresh, and you’ll start to see more of them on our routes over the next few months.

So how does the rebrand design compare between the two different model coaches?  Take a look below. For a more detailed photo comparison, you can visit us on Flickr.

One of our older New Flyer coaches with the adapted version of our fleet rebrand

One of our newer New Flyer buses featuring the full fleet graphic update



First trip on the Omnitrans New Flyer Xcelsior

Omnitrans New Flyer Xcelsior bus

This afternoon the first of the Omnitrans New Flyer Xcelsior buses hit the streets on its maiden voyage. Passengers on Route 14 were excited and happy to be the first ones to have the opportunity to ride. “We’re making history!” someone shouted from the back of the bus, and everyone laughed.

People loved the new fleet graphics and gave the bus high marks for coolness, comfort and roominess. They can’t wait to ride again!

Driver welcomes passenger aboard the Omnitrans New Flyer Xcelsior busCoach Operator Elaine Sanchez was at the helm of the New Flyer Xcelsior for the historic trip. Elaine was recently honored with the  Omnitrans Employee of the Quarter award for her outstanding customer service.

Omnitrans CEO Milo climbed aboard on his way to a meeting, always happy to get a chance to meet some of our passengers.

This mom and her new baby were among the first passengers to board.

Renee Compton was the first wheelchair passenger on the New Flyer Xcelsior

Mr. Jones was the first bike passenger to join us on the trip. He just recently starting biking and taking Omnitrans to save the expense of gas money.

Click here for more passenger photos.

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Omnitrans gets New Flyer Xcelsior model buses

Here’s a sneak peek at the New Flyer Xcelsior model bus. Omnitrans has 20 of these currently on order. Click here to view the entire album on Flickr.

Why are they white?  Omnitrans is rebranding its fleet with a new look to be unveiled in August! Stay tuned for details.