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Temporary NexTrip outage anticipated

c15Due to planned system maintenance, our NexTrip bus arrival predictions will not be available from 8 pm Tuesday, November 10 through 1 am Thursday, November 12th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

sbX Sweepstakes winner pays it forward

Jenn6Jennifer Guerrero, the winner of our sbX Anniversary Sweepstakes, has been riding Omnitrans since 9th grade.  She and her two younger sisters used to rely on their dad to drive them everywhere.  About three years ago he was diagnosed as permanently blind. Since then, their little family has taken the bus wherever they needed to go. Having a bus stop just down the street from them makes it very convenient, and they use NexTrip so they know exactly how much time they have before the bus arrives.

Jennifer is a Route 8 regular, and coach operator Peter Borrero, who drives the first run of the day, is one of her favorites. She likes the fact that he talks and jokes with his passengers.

“It feels nice because it’s such a great way to start your morning,” Jennifer says. “Especially if it’s 5 a.m. and you’re feeling grumpy. The bus drivers are always there, smiling and saying good morning. Sometimes they’ll even say things like ‘I didn’t see you the other day’ or ‘I noticed you were gone.’”

“That totally helps, because sometimes you can’t tell if people notice whether you’re here or not. It’s like you matter. It’s cool. You know the routes and the drivers and they know you. They’ll say ‘Oh, you got Starbucks today! Where’s mine?’” Jennifer laughs.

She also likes the fact that they look after her father. “He feels really comfortable using the bus and is pretty happy about it. The drivers always take care to pull down the ramp for him. Then they wait for him to get into the seat before driving off because they can tell he’ll be scared of the sudden motion. They talk and joke with him just like they do with me so he feels relaxed.”

Her sisters are a high school freshman and junior, and she is helping them learn how to get around. She shares her travel trips for first time riders.


“I would tell someone to get a bus book for sure. And don’t be afraid to ask the bus drivers questions, because they can be really helpful in telling you where you need to get off. The other riders can help too. They’re really nice. You might be asking the bus driver a question, and one of the passengers will say ‘I know where that is! Get off at the next stop and that will make it easier for you to cross the street.’ It’s cool, total strangers helping each other out like that.”

Jennifer is a big fan of sbX. When she can, she likes to take rapid transit line for longer trips because it’s so fast.

“My sisters and I like to sit in the middle so we spin,” she grins. “We try to sit there all the time. We also love the free WiFi. I use it all the time—and, of course, the power outlets. I wish there were outlets on all the buses.”


Jennifer graduates from high school this month and plans to attend Crafton Hills College in the fall. The Omnitrans Go Smart program played a big factor in deciding what college she wanted to attend.

“I originally thought about going to Fullerton Community College,” she explains. “But if I stay here, I’m already familiar with the bus and know my way around. Besides, with the Go Smart program I can ride the bus free with my student ID. Every little bit helps. My boyfriend is also going to school at Crafton, so that played a factor too.”

Jennifer plans to pursue a degree in sign language translation with a double major in math and liberal arts. Her goal is to become a math teacher.

“I want to teach high schoolers because I think it would be more fun, and that they would get my sense of humor. I’m that person who goes all out on Pajama Day or Polka Dot Day.” She laughs.

In the meantime, Jennifer is getting some hands on experience through community service work.

“I’m still friends with my 4th grade teacher, so I sometimes come in to help her out,” she says. “I offer to help the other teachers as well. Sometimes it can be hard for the teachers to keep up with all the work they have to do. So I come in and help them grade papers, put up and tear down stuff. I like doing it, and it gives me some experience.”


Helping others has always been important to Jennifer.  She already has plans on how she will share her Grand Prize winnings which includes twelve 31-day bus passes, four Inland Empire 66ers baseball tickets, four movie passes and a $100 restaurant gift card.

“My dad is a huge baseball fan, so my sisters and I will take him to a 66ers game for Father’s Day. Even though he’s blind, he can still hear the announcer, and we have fun telling him what’s happening on the field. I’m going to take my boyfriend out for a movie and dinner and then take my sisters to a movie and dinner. Everybody wins!”

– Juno Kughler Carlson


Omnitrans/NexTrip app update

Omnitrans NexTrip appAttention Omnitrans app users!

We have updated the Omnitrans app to eliminate the hanging issue some Android users were experiencing.  NexTrip real time bus arrival  information is now also up and running  again.

This updated version of the Omnitrans app, which includes NexTrip and Rider Alert detours, may be downloaded from the  iPhone App Store or Google Play. 

Stay tuned to the Omnitrans app for important news,  special promotions and free ride coupons when available.







Service changes: Online store closure, NexTrip info

omnitrans busNew fares and service changes go into effect on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Maps and schedules, as well as the bus book, will be updated on our website early that morning. Please see below for details on how the switchover will affect NexTrip and our online store.

For the first couple of weeks, NexTrip real time bus arrival information may appear to be off in some cases. This is because the technology is based upon historical route information which tells the system how long it takes for a bus to travel from one location to another.  It will take a few days for routes that have undergone significant changes to establish a historical pattern upon which NexTrip can accurately base its arrival predictions. Thank you for your patience as we work through the adjustment.

If you would like to take advantage of the current fare prices and buy passes in advance, you still have a few days left to do so. In order to make the necessary fare updates, our online store will close at 12:00 noon on Friday, August 29th. It will reopen at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2nd with the new pricing.

NexTrip surpasses 1 million views milestone

Omnitrans NexTrip Customer

Real time bus arrival prediction technology embraced by transit riders

(San Bernardino, CA) Omnitrans’ customers accessed NexTrip real time bus arrival information over 1 million times in the first year. Since the agency introduced the new technology in mid-January 2013, NexTrip has revolutionized the way people connect to public transit in the San Bernardino Valley.


With the NexTrip system, Omnitrans passengers can request next bus arrival information through phone, text, Web or apps.  Online, customers can view buses and stops on a route map with real-time tracking. They even can sign up for automatic alerts that will notify them when the bus is five minutes away.

“Rider response to NexTrip has been tremendous,” says Omnitrans Director of Marketing Wendy Williams. “It saves customers valuable time.  Because they know when the bus will arrive, they don’t have to arrive extra early at their stop.”

Omnitrans is installing Nextrip real time bus arrival information signs at every bus stop

NexTrip signs to be installed at each stop feature instructions on how to access real time bus arrival info by phone, text, web or scannable QR code.

Taking the technology to a new level, Omnitrans is installing signs at all 2,500 bus stops that feature a QR code. Passengers with smart devices can instantaneously access bus arrival times simply by scanning the code. Signs also provide instructions to access NexTrip by phone, text or online with a smart device.

The NexTrip system uses Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking satellites and advanced computer modeling developed by Nextbus, Inc. of Emeryville, California to provide accurate arrival information for all bus stops in the Omnitrans fixed route bus system. Taking into account the actual location of the buses, their intended stops, and the typical traffic patterns, NexTrip estimates arrivals with a high degree of accuracy. This information is then sent to the rider within seconds.

 For more information go to: www.omnitrans.org/nextrip

– Wendy Williams, Omnitrans Director of Marketing

Omnitrans app now available on iTunes!

The Omnitrans app is available for iPhone and AndroidWe’re excited to announce that the official Omnitrans app is now available from iTunes! We invite you to take a look and see why Android users have already downloaded the Omnitrans app more than 1,832 times on Google Play. The app has been updated, web-based pages have been replaced with mobile pages, and new features have been added.

Omnitrans app features:

  • The app version of our NextTrip real time bus arrival prediction
  • Rider Alerts for listings of current detours affecting your routes 
  • Omnitrans social sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • The Omnitrans Bus Book 
  • Travel training instructional videos
  • Customer service contact info and no-service holiday schedule
  • Omnitrans news, information, photos and more!
Try the Omnitrans app yourself!

Omnitrans January 2014 bus book now online

SERVICE CHANGES:  Minor time adjustments have been made to the weekday schedules for Routes 14, 20, 67 and 82.  Click below for details.

Omnitrans Stops & Stations Update

Work on our bus shelter rehabilitation project is well underway. Shelters for Routes 19, 8, 9, 308, 309, 310 & 14 have  been completed, and we are working our way through the remaining routes. Later this month, we will begin replacing old trash receptacles with new ones and begin the installation of new roof panels.

Eighty new solar panel illuminations lights will be placed in shelters that are tied to city/meter power, eliminating those electric bills. New NexTrip signs featuring next bus arrival information for each stop will be installed along with rebranded bus stop signs beginning later this month. See a sample below.

NexTrip signs to be installed at each stop feature 3 different methods passengers can use to access Omnitrans real time bus arrival information

Bus stop worker helps riders get tech savvy

Recently many of our early morning passengers have received unexpected assistance from a friendly man in orange. Stops & Stations worker, John Martinez, is a huge fan of our new NexTrip real time bus arrival prediction system and has helped several of our senior riders utilize the new technology.

“A lot of them are surprised to see me pull up and start talking to them about NexTrip,” admits John chuckling. “Sometimes I’ll see someone waiting at a stop early in the morning, and I know that that route doesn’t even begin for another hour. I can’t just leave them standing there without doing something. So I pull over the truck and let them know. Since I always have my cell with me, I take the time to show them the NextTrip app and how simple it is to use.”

Because many seniors have regular cellphones as opposed to smart devices, he works with them on how to use the voice or text feature. “I program the number into their contacts list to make it easy for them to pull up when they need it. Then all they have to do is enter the stop number to have bus arrival info sent to their phone. Then I sit with them so they can practice a few times to get their confidence up. Once they try it, they really like it.”

“One of the passengers I meet on the Route 19 commutes every day from Cal State University to the heart surgery center on Barton Road where she works. She didn’t have a smart phone, but she got so excited by NexTrip that she went out and purchased one from Virgin Mobile for $30 a month—just so she could use the NextTrip app,” he shakes his head and smiles. “She’s a terrific lady and is really looking forward to riding the sbX rapid transit when service starts next year.”

John says he uses NexTrip religiously every day to track bus movements along the routes. “When I’m servicing stops, I try to bounce in between buses so I’m out of the way. It helps when I can see where buses currently are on a live map so I can work around them.”

John is part of the early squad. His workday starts at 4:00 a.m. and ends around 12:30. Afterwards he has just enough time to shower, eat and get in a quick nap before coaching. “I have fun with it, and it keeps me out of my wife’s hair,” he laughs. “Right now, I’m coaching high school football from about 3:00-5:30 and then Pop Warner football from 6:00-8:30. I stay pretty busy, but I’m used to it.”

A former production foreman and Marine Corps training instructor, John enjoys working for Omnitrans and plans to stay here until he retires. “I prefer being outdoors, I like the hours and it gives me the chance to get to know our passengers. Everyone has a different story to tell.”

“I see a lot of people out here at the stops at 4:00 a.m. waiting for buses. If we didn’t run that early, they would probably be unemployed. It really makes you aware of how important the bus system is and the impact it has on people.”

More and more passengers are turning to NexTrip to get live bus arrival information and alerts on disruptions to their routes. To learn more about NexTrip and try it for yourself, visit us online at http://www.omnitrans.org/nextrip.

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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How to set up route alerts in NexTrip

Did you know that you can set up NexTrip to notify you by text message or email about service disruptions, outages or anything that affects your route? Below is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process. Click on any of the screenshots below to view full size.

From the Omnitrans website at www.omnitrans.org, click the click here link under NexTrip in the right hand column.


A window will open to the NexTrip welcome page.

In the right hand column under NexTrip, click the NexTrip Alerts link.

A window will open to the NextBus Automatic Alerts page, prompting you to log in. 

If this is your first time visiting the NextBus site, you will need to create a new login. 

Complete the form then click Create a new login.

A window will open to the NextBus Automatic Alerts welcome page.

The page outlines the three types of alerts you can set with Next Bus:

  • Immediate Alerts
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Watch Route Alerts

Because you want to receive alerts on service disruptions to your routes, you will focus on Watch Route Alerts.

Click Add New Watch Route Alert to create your alert.

A window will open where you can select your preferred notification method and the route for which you would like to receive alerts. 


  • If you prefer to receive alerts by EMAIL, click here.
  • If you prefer to receive alerts by TEXT MESSAGE, click here.


From the Automatic Alerts page, click the Email button under Channel options to receive alerts by email.

Under Region, select California-Southern from the drop down menu.

Under Agency, select Omnitrans from the drop down menu.

Under Route, select the route for which you want to receive alert notifications.  (If you want to receive alerts for more than one route, you will need to create separate alerts for each one.)

Click the Add Route button.

A window will open, returning you to the Automatic Alerts page.

The alert you have created will now be listed in the Watch Route Alerts section.

If at any time you no longer wish to receive an alert, simply click the delete option next to the alert.

Once you have added an alert, you will be notified whenever a service disruption takes effect. Below is an example of an email alert notification received through NextBus.


From the Automatic Alerts page, click Setup SMS under Channel options. (Note that you will not be able to select the SMS option until you setup your SMS for the first time.)

The Automatic Alerts phone verification window will open. 

Enter your mobile phone number, including area code, into the box and click Submit.

A second Automatic Alerts phone verification page will open, this time featuring your SMS shortcode. The shortcode is the line of bold text beginning with “nbus reg” (see circled area below.)


From your mobile phone, send the shortcode as a text message to phone number 41411. Your carrier’s standard messaging rates will apply.

Note that if this is your first time texting to NextBus, additional verification messages may appear.

The verification reminds you that although NextBus does not charge you for messaging, your standard carrier messaging rates will still apply. See sample below

Messaging would like to send a message to 41411.
This may cause charges on your mobile account.
____   Remember my choice.
Never Allow      Always Allow

Check the box next to Remember my choice, then click Always Allow.

From your computer or smart device, return to the Automatic Alert page at http://www.nextbus.com/myNextBus/addRoute.shtml

You will now be able to click the SMS button under Channel.

Under Region, select California-Southern from the drop down menu.

Under Agency, select Omnitrans from the drop down menu.

Under Route, select the route for which you want to receive alert notifications.  (If you want to receive alerts for more than one route, you will need to create separate alerts for each one.)

Click the Add Route button.

The Automatic Alerts welcome page will open.

The route alert that you created will now appear under Watch Route Alert.

A text message will automatically be sent your mobile phone whenever there is a disruption of service on that route.

Should you no longer wish to receive alert notifications for a route, simply click delete next to the route you would like to remove.