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Major sbX Progress Seen on E Street

Landscaping has been put in at the Marshall Blvd. park-and-ride lot.

March has been a very busy month for construction crews working on the Omnitrans sbX Bus Rapid Transit Line Construction Project. All throughout the project corridor, construction progress can be seen – especially along E Street from Marshall Boulevard to Hospitality Lane.

On the north end of E Street, a variety of drought-resistant trees, including willows and shrubs, are being planted at the west and east lots of the Marshall Boulevard park-and-ride. At Highland Avenue, the steel structure for the side-boarding sbX station has been installed on the west side of the street.

In the downtown area between 6th and 2nd streets, work on the west side of E Street has focused on relocation of fire hydrants, storm drains, and sidewalk ramps. A section of sidewalk also was completed at Court Street. Current activities at the Rialto Avenue and North Mall Way stations have crews working on building planter walls.

E Street center-running lanes

Finally, a big milestone on the south end of E Street was the completion of asphalt work in the center running lanes between Orange Show Road and Hospitality Lane. Crews reinforced the roadway by removing the old asphalt, putting in a subgrade, base, geogrid mesh, and the new asphalt.

 – Robert Chevez

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Station Work to Begin on Hospitality

This month, construction activities will begin on the first Omnitrans sbX center running lane stations on Hospitality Lane at Tippecanoe Avenue (near Costco) and Carnegie Drive (near Home Depot). Traffic control will be in place as you approach these work areas. The first thing to be built will be the station platform followed by the installation of the steel canopies.

Elsewhere on Hospitality Lane, a considerable amount of progress has been made during the past month as all driveways and sidewalks have now been poured on the south side of the street between Tippecanoe Avenue and E Street. Some asphalt paving has begun through this stretch to fill in the new slots created from a wider street.

In the coming months, crews will work toward completing electrical, irrigation and landscaping work on the south side of Hospitality Lane.

 – Robert Chevez

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Station Work Continues in Loma Linda

Traffic signal work will begin this month for the Benton Street and Barton Road sbX station.

Work continues smoothly in Loma Linda as crews work on the side boarding sbX stations throughout the city. Within the past weeks, the steel canopy structure has gone up at the Benton Street and Barton Road station that will serve the VA Loma Linda Medical Center area. Traffic signal work will also take place at this location during the next few weeks.

The steel canopy has been installed at Anderson Street east station across from the park-and-ride lot near Redlands Boulevard.

Elsewhere in Loma Linda, crews have also completed installing the steel canopy structure at the Anderson Street east side boarding sbX station near Redlands Boulevard. This station is located across the street from the sbX park-and-ride lot in Loma Linda. In the coming weeks, work will focus on building a low concrete wall at the backside of the station.

 – Robert Chevez

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Transit Initiatives Give Business A Boost

Do pedestrian plazas, bike lanes and rapid-transit bus systems actually benefit nearby businesses? They do, according to findings recently reported in the New York Times.

Using data from the Department of Finance, the NYC transportation department was able to review sales figures reported by small businesses who had been directly affected by city projects. The results were astonishing. Installations of bike lanes and small plazas increased retail sales 172% for neighboring businesses and commercial vacancies decreased 49%.

Studies also tied revamped bus service to a 71% increase in retail sales, citing increased ridership and faster-moving buses as drawing more patrons to the businesses.

Next year, San Bernardino businesses along the E Street Corridor may be enjoying some of these same benefits with the launch of the new sbX Bus Rapid Transit line. These 60-foot articulated vehicles will run every 15 minutes, stopping at one-mile intervals along the busy corridor. During peak travel times, sbX will have 10-minute headway.

With prominent destinations along the route that include Cal State San Bernardino, Loma Linda University Medical Center and the Veterans Hospital, Omnitrans anticipates that the sbX Bus Rapid Transit service will not only further increase its rapidly growing ridership,  it will also bring an influx of new customers to local businesses.

Great things are coming to San Bernardino. Are you ready to get on board?

sbX Entered in Black History Parade

The New Flyer XN60, one of 14 Omnitrans has purchased for its rapid transit fleet on the E Street corridor, will be among the entries in the 44th annual Black History Parade in San Bernardino, sponsored by the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce.

A part of San Bernardino’s future honors the city’s storied past as one of Omnitrans’ newly delivered 60-foot express vehicles has been entered to participate in the 44th annual Black History Parade, to be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, February 2nd, along the heart of the sbX rapid transit corridor.

One of the nation’s oldest black history parades, the local event premiered in 1970, when Omnitrans was part of the San Bernardino Valley Transit Authority. Old Blue, the agency’s vintage 1958 GMC transit coach, has participated in past parades.

This year’s event will feature the New Flyer XN60, one of 14 purchased by Omnitrans, the last of which is scheduled to arrive in April. The 60-foot-long articulated vehicle will be part of the sbX bus rapid transit fleet, which is scheduled to start passenger service early next year. It will be the first public appearance for any of the new coaches on the corridor.

This year’s parade theme is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech given by the late civil rights leader on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 28, 1963.  For more information on the 44th Annual Black History Parade in San Bernardino, please visit the event site.

– David Rutherford

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Click here for a detailed photo tour of the New Flyer XN60, the Omnitrans sbX 60-foot Bus Rapid Transit Vehicle which is scheduled to begin service in early 2014.

Interest Grows in Future sbX Projects

Omnitrans Director of Planning and Development Services Rohan Kuruppu (far right) fields questions from residents of northern San Bernardino at a monthly meeting of Community Builders San Bernardino

As construction continues along the E Street Corridor, public interest has grown in the sbX system-wide plan and how the first line between northern San Bernardino and Loma Linda will provide connectivity with other modes of public transit and future bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors.

“Our goal is not only to enhance public transit,” said Rohan Kuruppu, Omnitrans’ Director of Planning and Development Services, at a Jan. 2 meeting of CommunityBuilders San Bernardino. “We want to promote enhanced communities that are sustainable, walkable and attractive to private developers, businesses and residents.”

Kuruppu, who spearheaded talks with stakeholders in 2004 when sbX was first conceived, is working with officials from Southern California Associated Governments (SCAG), San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) and cities throughout the Omnitrans service area to determine the vision for BRT in those communities. He has been instrumental in generating more than $1 billion in grants for the study, planning, design and implementation of new transit projects.

Last year, the Federal Transit Administration awarded $800,000 to Omnitrans for an alternatives analysis for the future Holt Boulevard/4th Street corridor, which would provide BRT in Montclair, Ontario and Fontana.  An 18-month station-area design study also has begun on the Foothill Boulevard corridors, which include the communities of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda, and Fontana (Foothill West); and Rialto, San Bernardino and Highland (Foothill East).

— David Rutherford

The E Street Corridor is the first of 10 under construction in the system-wide plan. Click image for larger view.

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sbX Construction Begins in Loma Linda

Construction activities for the sbX line have begun in Loma Linda at the future park-and-ride facility and station on the west side of Anderson Street south of Redlands Boulevard.

The park-and-ride facility is one of four along the 15.7-mile sbX corridor and the only one in Loma Linda. It is conveniently located in close proximity to the education and medical centers.

Construction activities in Loma Linda will be limited to the Anderson Street and Redlands Boulevard park-and-ride facility and the Loma Linda University and VA Hospital stations. Because the sbX buses will run in mixed-flow traffic, there will no street widening or center-running lanes built in Loma Linda. Motorists can expect some traffic control as they near station construction.

–Robert Chevez