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Civic Center Station: before and after

sbx civic center station before

Click to see time lapse photos of the construction of the Civic Center Station over the past 6 months.

With the upcoming launch of our sbX rapid transit service on April 28th, we thought it might be fun to look back to see how far we’ve come. Click the photo above for time lapse photos of the construction of the sbX Civic Center Station taken over the past six months. Photos were shot from the pedestrian bridge near E Street and Court Street in Downtown San Bernardino.

We’ve definitely come a long way! The pictures below give a closer look at the finished station and the surrounding area today.

sbX Civic Center Station

The street has been transformed with a center station platform and dedicated bus lanes.

Carousel st and Court st san bernardino

New railings and landscaping dress up the sidewalks on either side of the station and help prevent pedestrians from jaywalking.

Carousel st and Court st san bernardino

Landscaping and rails along the opposite sidewalk at the Civic Center Station

sbx civic center station

Digital signs show arrival times. Shelter roofs and windscreens protect passengers from wind, rain and sun.

sbX civic center station

Yellow truncated dome pads along the sides of the platform help guide riders with vision impairments

sbx station lights

These small light poles located between railings at the far ends of the station provide lighting along the platform and enhance the landscaped areas.

sbx vehicle at the civic center station

sbX rapid transit vehicle on a test run by the Civic Center Station

sbx  civic center station

Light bars incorporated into the roof of the shelter provide light for evening travelers while the transparent glass windscreens ensures good visibility.

station art paver at sbx civic center station

Along the platform pavement, glazed ceramic tiles by artist Robert Delgardo tell the story of the past and history of the area. The tiles incorporate photo studies of the downtown area, interviews with local residents and research from historical archives.


Testing sbX Ticket Vending Machines

Testing of the Omnitrans sbX ticket vending machine

The Omnitrans team tests the operation of an sbX ticket vending machine.

Did you know that fares for the sbX rapid transit line will be the same as for the Omnitrans fixed routes?  It makes traveling both systems convenient and easy!

Soon passengers will be able to purchase their passes from one of our new ticket vending machines (TVMs) at any of our  sbX station platforms using a debit or credit card. 

The Omnitrans team at the sbX Civic Center Station

Today the Omnitrans team headed out to the Civic Center Station to do function and language testing on one of the  TVMs. These machines are not yet operational to the general public but will be ready in time for the sbX launch. Headers and instructional stickers will also be added to each machine to guide the user through the purchase process.

Omnitrans Customer Service Supervisor Melissa Castillo verifies the Spanish language translation

Omnitrans Customer Service Supervisor Melissa Castillo verifies the Spanish language translation on the TVM.

The TVM offers both English and Spanish help menus. A user friendly screen prompts riders to select the type of pass they wish to purchase: Full Fare, Youth, Senior or Disabled/Medicare. Next they choose either a 1-day, 7-day, or 31-day option or they can purchase a 1-way ride ticket. Using a swiper and keypad to the left of the screen, they can then pay for the pass using either a credit or debit card. It’s that simple!

What do you think of the new TVMs? Are they something you’ll want to use?

screenshot of the ticket vending machine

A screenshot of the ticket vending machine

sbX goes back to school with safety message

Getting the Omnitrans sbX safety message out to the thousands of students attending corridor schools and their parents is a top assignment for the project’s outreach team.

Two years ago the message was staying out of the construction zones. With construction substantially complete on the new bus rapid transit corridor, Omnitrans has reached out to San Bernardino High School, Shandin Hills Middle School, Arrowview Middle School and Jones Elementary school to send a new set of targeted messages about sbX safety during operational testing of the 60-foot vehicles.

When testing began in early February, the agency sent letters to parents of students attending the four schools within walking distance of Kendall Drive and E Street in San Bernardino, advising motorists, pedestrians and those who use existing bus service to use caution by recognizing corridor changes, specifically the presence of the silver coaches (which are now running daily), staying out of dedicated lanes and being aware of new signage, striping and signals and obeying traffic laws at all times. The letters were accompanied by fliers in both English and Spanish and distributed by each of the four schools.

Public Outreach staff also had an information table at a March 8 event at Loma Linda Academy, attended by nearly 1,000 parents, faculty, staff and students, to familiarize them with the station platforms on both sides of Anderson Street near the K-12 school. Academy administrators also e-mailed an electronic version of the flier to parents, displayed posters on campus and showed a safety video produced by Omnitrans on school monitors.

Safety outreach will continue at these schools beyond the start of passenger service April 28, with the distribution of educational curricula at the Academy and at all San Bernardino City Unified School District campuses. The focus will be on how to walk right, ride right, drive right and park and ride right.

- David Rutherford

The Latest on The sbX Corridor

Work continues to progress on the Omnitrans E Street Corridor sbX Bus Rapid Transit Project (BRT) and we are one month closer to start of service in April 2014. Major construction was completed in January 2014, so throughout the months of February and March the sbX construction management team is meeting with property managers and business owners to conduct site checks and close out any remaining maintenance items along the corridor. Work to test the electrical components at stations and the traffic signals at interscetions continues, and you may notice some construction workers executing various landscape maintenance activities.

In addition, new elements are being installed to keep motorists and pedestrians safe while traveling throughout the corridor and at station locations. Safety railings are being installed on the sidewalks at center-running lane stations located on E Street and Hospitality Lane. You’ll also notice candlesticks, orange posts with reflectors, being installed to the top of yellow safety barriers located at t-intersections within the center-running lane areas. The candlesticks serve as an added visibility feature to prohibit drivers from crossing into Bus Only lanes, also marked by double yellow lines. As a reminder, motorists entering the Bus Only lanes run the risk of getting hit by a bus – and a hefty fine of $341.

As a reminder, bus testing and driver training has commenced. Please remember to:

  1. Pay attention! Buses will be on the road daily.
  2. Stay out of the dedicated Bus Only lane.
  3. Watch for signs and obey them at all times!

Still have questions about the project? No worries! Although major construction is complete, a public outreach team is available until start of service. Our toll-free helpline is operational 24/7. Give us a call at (855) SBX-NEWS (729-6397).

Be a safety “Xpert” & win a free lunch!

Enter for a new chance to win! 

Think you know what do as a motorist, pedestrian or transit rider on the new bus rapid transit corridor in San Bernardino and Loma Linda? Take the safety challenge – you might win a free lunch.

Omnitrans will launch passenger service of the sbX Green Line in late April, and there are many exciting new changes along the corridor. Are you ready? Here’s a chance to test your sbX safety savvy and be rewarded with a $25 gift certificate to one of the many fine eateries along the route! Omnitrans wants to test your knowledge of sbX safety on the Green Line and will conduct weekly drawings on Fridays through April 4th. Who’s eligible? Residents of San Bernardino County who correctly answer the safety trivia questions appearing on its project Facebook page.

One question will be asked each week on the project Facebook page related to the corridor safety of pedestrians, motorists and/or transit riders. The questions will vary in nature, from true/false, multiple choice or simply filling in the blank. The goal is to make sure people who use the sbX route become familiar with the new changes and make proper decisions on the road.

On four consecutive Fridays (March 14, 21, 28 and April 4) the name of a lucky contestant will be drawn for a $25 gift certificate to one of a variety of eateries on the sbX corridor. Winners will be notified by e-mail. One entry per person per contest. Contestants may enter each contest until selected a winner.

Good luck and be safe!

Be an sbX safety expert

Graham Named CEO/GM at Omnitrans

Former Marine, Scott Graham named Omnitrans CEO

Scott Graham, Omnitrans CEO/General Manager

(San Bernardino, CA) The Omnitrans Board of Directors appointed Scott Graham as CEO/General Manager effective February 5, 2014, eliminating “interim” designation from his title after eight months on the job.

Graham was appointed Interim CEO/General Manager in June 2013 following the resignation of then CEO/General Manager Milo Victoria. He joined Omnitrans in 2006 as Director of Operations, overseeing a department of over 400 employees responsible for delivering fixed route bus service to the San Bernardino Valley. He previously worked at the Orange County Transportation Authority for 12 years.

As Interim, Graham implemented cost saving measures including organizational changes, reduction of healthcare expenses and cost containment of professional services. He also focused on the deployment of the new “sbX” bus rapid transit service line.  “We are excited to be launching this new flagship service in late April, on time and under budget,” said Graham.

Prior to embarking on a career in public transportation, Graham spent 26 years in the US Marine Corps, serving in progressively responsible positions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the United States.  He earned a Master of Transportation Management from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from East Carolina University.

Omnitrans currently employs about 640 people directly and has 220 contracted employees. Annual ridership tops 16 million on 32 bus routes and paratransit services combined. The agency fleet includes 177 transit coaches and 105 vans and minibuses for demand response.

- Wendy Williams, Director of Marketing

sbX project enters operational testing phase

Traffic signal priority lights are up and being tested along the corridor.

Major construction of the sbX bus rapid transit line is now complete. Traffic controls have been lifted at most locations as the roadway is now paved and striped. New signs are installed along the corridor and traffic-signal-priority lights are installed at the intersections. Landscaping elements, sbX station pylon signs and unique community-inspired artwork bring the project to life and introduce aesthetic elements in the cities of San Bernardino and Loma Linda.

With the end of major construction, the focus shifts to the operational testing phase. Over the next several weeks, 60-foot-long articulated sbX buses will be seen on the road daily (with no passengers on board). Omnitrans Operations must test every facet of the line for the start of service in April 2014. A big part of this is driver training. In addition, electrical components – such as traffic signal priority lights, ticket vending machines and station emergency phones – will undergo testing. With these new elements introduced along the corridor, our goal is to help educate the public so that motorists, pedestrians and bus drivers will be safe. Please remember to:

  1. Pay attention. Buses will be on the road daily.
  2. Stay out of the dedicated bus-only lane.
  3. Watch for signs and obey them at all times

Still have questions about the project? Although major construction is complete, our website (www.omnitrans-sbx.com) is still a go-to source for helpful information. In addition, our toll-free helpline is operational 24/7. Give us a call at (855) SBX-NEWS (729-6397).

- Kelly Koehler

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