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Photo tour of the new Omnitrans Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Omnitrans vehicle maintenance facility

Omnitrans Fuel Island

The new Omnitrans Vehicle Maintenance Facility was designed to both maximize efficiency and conserve resources. The bus wash and fuel island, which services both the 40-foot coaches and the 60-foot sbX vehicles, has now been in operation for two months. Construction Manager Andres Ramirez recently took us on a tour of the facility so we could learn more about the different components.

omnitrans bus wash water filters

80-90% of water in the bus wash is reclaimed and processed through a filtering system.

Because water is such a precious commodity in California, conservation is essential. Approximately 80-90% of the water used in the bus wash is reclaimed. The water is captured by ground filters and is then machine processed to remove sand and other large particles.

omnitrans bus wash tanks

Large tanks supply water and detergent to the bus wash

Three large tanks supply the water and detergent for the bus wash: the first holds clean, filtered water, the second holds reclaimed water that has been processed, and the third tank holds detergent. A water softener and reverse osmosis system removes hard water minerals.

Omnitrans chassis wash

The chassis wash

In the chassis wash, buses are placed on a lift so the underside of the coach can be sprayed clean of grease and dirt. The main bus wash area operates much like a regular car wash, with brushes and cleaners. Instead of drying the buses by hand as we did previously, an automatic dryer has been installed to increase efficiency.

Bus wash vacuum door

This end of the giant vacuum system forms a seal over the bus door.

Bus interiors are vacuumed using a special system. The end of the vacuum is designed to cover and latch tightly to the bus door. The powerful suction then sucks any trash or loose materials out through the large duct work and into a compactor/dumpster.

Dirst and trash collected by the vacuum are deposited into dumpsters.

Dirt and trash collected by the vacuum are deposited into dumpsters.

Hybrid cars used by field supervisors and trucks used by stop maintenance crews are fueled by an unleaded gas pump on the fuel island. Omnitrans buses and sbX vehicles are fueled by CNG pumps.

Omnitrans employee break rooom

An employee lounge saves workers a long walk to the maintenance shop.

An air-conditioned employee lounge, complete with fridge, microwave, sink and restroom is conveniently located off the fuel island.

Fleetwatch system at Omnitrans

The Fleetwatch system records information on the status of the mechanical equipment and the fluid levels of each bus.

Information on the status of the mechanical equipment and fluid levels of each bus is automatically recorded by the Fleetwatch system. The maintenance department tracks these stats to plan product and equipment orders.

Omnitrans authorize fluid dispense

Andres Ramirez swipes his emplioyee ID badge to access the fluid dipensers.

Dispensers disperse motor oil and other vehicle fluids

Dispensers disperse motor oil and other vehicle fluids

In order to operate the fuel and fluid dispensers, an authorized employee must first scan his badge. Fluids are topped off using dispensers which measure the amount of product used. A machine monitors the fluid levels, and alerts employees when they need to be replenished.

emergency eyewash and shower

Emergency eye wash and shower station

As a safety precaution, emergency eyewash and shower stations are installed throughout the facility.

Lube Cube storage

Lube Cube storage area

Lube Cubes, which store the all fluids used in the dispensers, are kept in secured storage areas which can only be accessed with the swipe of an authorized employee ID badge.

bus fuel island catwalk

View of upper catwalk

A fenced-in catwalk near the fuel island ceiling can acommodate any additional storage needs.

Fare box collection

Fare box vault

Fare boxes are loaded into a secure vault, where they will later be retrieved for processing.


Temporary bus wash and fuel island

With the new Vehicle Maintenance Facility operational, the old temporary fuel island and bus wash will soon be taken down. The area will be then be turned into additional bus parking spaces.

Omnitrans VMF construction continues

VMF work continues at Omnitrans’ West 5th Street facility

Work is continuing on the Omnitrans vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) at Fifth Street and Medical Center in San Bernardino to make the modifications and upgrades necessary to accommodate the agency’s fourteen  60-foot articulated sbX vehicles.  

The bus yard parking area was restriped earlier this year

Earlier this year, the parking area of the bus yard was re-striped and equipped with new light fixtures. The electricals are still pending. Trash compactors to reduce the frequency of trash collection have been installed but are not yet operational. A new bus wash and modification of maintenance bays are still pending.

Demolition of the old fuel island

This month the old fuel island was demolished and the transition was made to a new temporary fueling station on the east side of the lot.

New lights have been installed and the temporary fueling station is now operational.

Underground diesel fuel storage tanks that are no longer used have been safely removed by construction crews. The next task will be the demolition of the old bus wash. All work on the VMF project will be completed by mid-2014.

Underground diesel storage tank removal

For more photos of our VMF construction project click here.

Changes to Omnitrans Facility Continue

sbX Fleet

Thirteen of the 14 new five-door, 60-foot-long sbX vehicles have arrived from the manufacturer and are being stored in a section of the Omnitrans East Valley maintenance yard in San Bernardino. The lot has been reconfigured to accommodate the coaches while modifications are made to the fueling facility, bus wash and maintenance bays. Crews have begun setting up a temporary fueling station on the east end of the facility on 5th Street and Medical Center Drive. The plan is to complete the temporary station before demolishing the old fueling facility and bus wash to make way for new ones that can accommodate a 60-foot bus.

Temporary fueling facility

Work Begins on Omni Yard Retrofits

To accommodate 14 new 60-foot articulated sbX vehicles, Omnitrans is modifying their vehicle maintenance facility located at Fifth Street and Medical Center Drive in San Bernardino.  The construction project includes a new bus wash and fuel island, modification of maintenance bays and new lights and restriping of the bus parking area.

Modifications to Omnitrans’ East Valley Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Omnitrans will also take this opportunity to make other improvements including removal of underground diesel fuel storage tanks no longer used and installation of trash compactors that will reduce the frequency of trash collection.  Construction begins this month and will be completed by December 2013.  All work is contained on Omnitrans property.  No street closures are planned. USS Cal Builders, Inc. of Stanton, CA is the contractor.

A community open house related to the project is set for Tuesday, December 18, 2012 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Omnitrans headquarters, 1700 West Fifth Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411.

More Information Link: http://www.estreet-sbx.com/about/ev-maint.html

-Wendy Williams

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