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Buster’s Destinations: A Dip in the Pool

Beat the scorching heat and dive into the cool waters of your local swimming pool! Summer temperatures in the San Bernardino Valley linger in the high 90s and can often exceed 100 degrees. The weather could have you feeling parched and defeated, but with a number of pools available locally, and the Omnitrans Summer Youth Fare, cooling down is a breeze!

Last week, Buster couldn’t wait to escape the 109 heat while out and about. He packed his towel and swim trunks in his Omnitrans 40th Anniversary drawstring backpack, hopped on Route 19, paid his discounted $1 fare, and headed for the 7th Street Pool in Yucaipa. Happy as a clam to be inside the air-conditioned bus, he put his headphones on and listened to his Summer playlist on Spotify while enjoying the ride.

At Yucaipa Blvd. and 7th St., Buster got off the bus and walked down the street to the Yucaipa City Swimming Pool. He paid a small fee for recreational swim, and summer was now fully in session! Buster was excited to make a splash and try out the new rockwall and waterslide at the pool while making new friends and taking poolside photos for his Instagram story! It was all fun in the sun indeed.

Buster also recommends the Jerry Lewis Family Swim Center in San Bernardino, serviced by Route 1! Other community swimming pools can be found here, courtesy of IEShineOn.com. Take advantage of our discounted Summer Youth Fare and plan your trip ahead online with our free Trip Planner online. Happy travels!

The special Omnitrans Summer Youth Fare discount is valid through the months of June and July. Riders 18 and under will pay just $1 per trip. The promotion is good on all Omnitrans bus routes serving the San Bernardino Valley including freeway express routes, OmniGo community shuttle routes and the sbX bus rapid transit line in San Bernardino and Loma Linda.

No Hill For a Climber

Sand Canyon Road, the steep, winding road that connects Yucaipa with Mentone and Redlands, is a favorite ride for local cyclists.  For Omnitrans rider and multi-modal commuter John Sciniasil of Yucaipa, it’s just the second stop in his daily commute.

Each morning just as the sun rises, John begins his commute on  his foldable bike which is small enough to fit under a train or bus seat!  And even though he combines different modes of ridesharing, like carpooling or catching the bus, he always has a bicycle with him.  “Some days I catch a ride with a friend to work,” said John, “But on the way home I ride my bike.”

John Sciniasil of Yucaipa, combines his love of bicycle riding with other modes of transportation, such as Omnitrans, as he commutes to work.

On the day we talked, John was riding Omnitrans and using a Dahon bike, one of five foldable bikes he owns.  Although it folds down, John takes advantage of the 3-bike capacity rack at the front of the bus.

“In New York City, you see a lot of these kinds of bikes,” said John.  “Here, it’s more rare.”

His favorite Omnitrans route is typically Route 19, where he disembarks at Wabash and Sand Canyon, and sails on into east Redlands to begin his day with the Water Department.

“It’s smooth sailing going in,“ said John.  “But I really like the challenge of going up the hill to go home, believe it or not.”

Freeway Express Route 208 was launched in May 2017, and connects Yucaipa, Redlands, and Downtown San Bernardino with limited stops via I-10.

But last week, John decided to give the new Freeway Express Route 208 a try.  The fact that the express route reduces travel time overall compared to a car is appealing to him, and allows him even more commute options in the future.  Route 208’s stop at the Redlands Mall is only 1.7 miles from the building he works in, which he says will be great.

John’s romance with bicycle commuting began two years ago during California Rideshare Week.  He decided to try carpooling, as well as the bus.  Incorporating his love of bicycles seemed to be a natural fit.

 “It’s a bit of a climb depending upon which road I take, but I enjoy that kind of workout,” said John.

Well, you know what they say, ‘No Hill for a Climber!’  Happy travels to you, John.

Guide to May 2017 Service Changes, Ride Route 208 for FREE!

It’s time to get out and have some fun in the sun! The May 2017 Bus Book is here, with all-new service enhancements to help you make this a great summer!

Kicking off on May 1, 2017, Omnitrans is proud to introduce the brand new Freeway Express Route 208, connecting Yucaipa to San Bernardino! Ride Route 208 for FREE during May 1-5 and check it out for yourself!

The weekday, peak-hour service route begins at the Yucaipa Transit Center with limited stops at:

  • 10th and Yucaipa Blvd. in Yucaipa
  • Yucaipa Blvd. and Sand Canyon Rd./14th St.
  • Redlands Mall
  • Hunts and Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino
  • San Bernardino Transit Center

Map & schedule below. Click here to view enlarged .PDF file.

New Freeway Express Route 208 – Map

New Freeway Express Route 208 – Schedule

Minor time adjustments have been made to other Omnitrans routes, as listed below. Please refer to the new May Bus Book (click here for a preview!) and Trip Planner online before traveling on May 1st.

Service changes effective May 1, 2017:

Route 2:  Time adjustments have been made for  improved transfers at the San Bernardino Transit Center.

Route 61:  A new timepoint has been added at Holt and Ramona, replacing the timepoint at Holt & Mills to improve transfers to Route 88.

Route 80:  Runtime adjustments have been made to and from the Ontario Airport.

Route 88:  A new timepoint has been added at Ramona and Holt to improve transfers to Route 61.

Route 208:  New Freeway Express Service, from Yucaipa to San Bernardino, with limited stops in Yucaipa, Redlands and San Bernardino.

Route 365: A new timepoint at Fairfield Ranch and Central has been added.  Timepoints at Los Serranos and Rincon have been eliminated.

More weekend service has been added to Routes 1 and 61 on weekends, and Route 215 on Sunday.  Additional PM trips have also been added to Route 14 on Sunday.

Minor changes:

Weekdays:  Routes  8, 61, 85, 88,  215, 290, 365.

Saturday: Routes 1, 2, 11, 19, 20, 61, 80, 81, 88, and 365.

Sunday:  Routes 1, 2, 14, 61, 80, 88, 215 and 365.

Blind senior enjoys new adventures thru public transit

“I like challenging myself,” smiles Sandy Leonard.

The outgoing 60-year-old Yucaipa resident has spent a lifetime beating the odds. Now she relies on Omnitrans to give her the independence to pursue new adventures.

Twenty years ago, Sandy began suffering from severe headaches and vision problems.  She was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor which was putting pressure on the optic nerves.  Although benign, the melon-sized tumor was so large the doctors told her she had only a 30% chance to survive the needed surgery.

The operation took over 18 hours to perform, but Sandy made it through. However the damage was permanent–she was left legally blind.  Tunnel vision in her left eye allows her to see somewhat at a distance, but she lacks depth perception or peripheral vision. Her close up vision is almost nonexistent.

Sandy’s life changed radically.  Although at first resistant to the idea, she enrolled in the Braille Institute to learn how to adapt to her new circumstances.

“I learned how to live with the partial-sightedness that I do have. If I never went there, I think I would probably still be sitting at home,” says Sandy frankly. “I basically had to re-learn how to get around with my vision. They taught me measurement techniques I could use for cooking and how to fold money so you can tell the difference between the denominations. I also worked with a mobility instructor to learn how to do things around the house, cross streets, and use public transportation. Because I had partial sight, she would sometimes blindfold me to make it harder and force me to rely on touch and sound.”

Sandy began riding Omnitrans in 2005 when she moved to Yucaipa to be closer to her sister. She primarily relies on OmniLink and OmniGo to get around town, but occasionally uses the Access and fixed route buses as well. She likes the friendliness of the drivers and feels safe traveling in the area.

I even take my 6-year-old granddaughter on the bus when she comes to visit,” says Sandy. “She loves it, and the drivers all make a fuss over her.”

Sandy sometimes jokes that she uses special braille balls to call Bingo. In reality she relies on very bright light to see the large ball numbers.

Now that she’s an old hand at public transit, she puts that experience to work helping friends and her neighbors at Patrician Mobile Home Park. She shows them how to complete the forms required for Access service and assists them with bus route information. She takes their photo and gets it developed at Walgreens  so they don’t have to buy a passport photo for their ID card. She wants them to have the same freedom and independence she’s enjoyed over the years.

Omnitrans and other transit agencies have been vital in helping Sandy maintain an active lifestyle so she can enjoy the things she loves best.

She volunteers at the Calimesa and Yucaipa Senior Centers as a Bingo caller, she enjoys line dancing at the Branding Iron, and she belongs to the Diamond Club in LA where she gets together with other visually impaired friends for day trips. Once a year she attends Camp Bloomfield, a camp for people who are blind, visually impaired or multi-disabled. There she hikes, swims, does archery, horseback riding, tandem biking and more. Two years ago she climbed her first rock wall at the camp at age 58. She proudly made it to the top, happy despite exhaustion, shakiness and aching muscles.

“I enjoy challenges. I guess my proudest accomplishment is just being alive and independent,” says Sandy frankly. “I’m thankful to be able to get around to do the things I want to do and live the kind of life I want to live.”

– Juno Kughler Carlson

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