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A Travel Training Story: Glory & Richard

Siblings Glory and Richard had recently moved from Ontario to Highland when they began VTrans’ travel training program. Richard is a veteran who has several medical needs and his sister Glory is his caretaker and advocate. She accompanies him wherever he needs to go, helps him stay on top of all his medications and makes sure he eats a healthy diet.

Glory learned about our program after calling her local community center and asking for assistance with transportation to go to doctor appointments and grocery shopping. Though they had experience in Ontario with public transportation, they did not yet know their way around the city of Highland. Their extremely limited finances also did not allow them to afford more expensive services such as Access. Though Richard can only walk short distances due to his age and disabilities, they live near an Omnitrans bus route and do not need to walk long distances to run their errands.

During their travel training, they learned how to navigate the  bus route near their home, stopping at Wal-Mart, the local church, the senior center, and the library. They were excited that all these places were only one short bus ride away. They wanted to start attending church again and visit the Highland Senior Center for socialization, to play pool, have lunch, and exercise. Glory liked that she could visit the library to use the computers and find other important resources for Richard, such as food pantries, In Home Support Services, and other income earning opportunities. With the help of their travel trainer they were able to take longer trips to the local YMCA, Social Security office, and the local hospital.

Glory and Richard were extremely pleasant riders and are greatly appreciative of the work their trainer did to help them become increasingly independent and social in their new community.

- Jessica Jacquez

To learn more about VTrans one-on-one travel training, visit their website or chat with them on Twitter or Facebook!

For Omnitrans group travel training (10 or more people) contact Nicole Ramos at nicole.ramos@omnitrans.org.


E Street Paving Begins; Station Work Resumes

Concrete planters line pedestrian ramp leading to sbX station platform at E Street and Court Street in Downtown San Bernardino.

Major changes are on the way for E Street. To start, the final two station locations at Court Street and at Baseline Street will really start to come together in November. With the station platforms now complete and structure steel erected, crews can focus on installing ticket-vending machines, security cameras and paver tiles on the station platforms.

In addition, the placement of the final layer of asphalt along E Street and Hospitality Lane marks another major sbX milestone. Following completion of paving along Hospitality Lane in early November, crews will move operations to E Street. Crews will work south from the north end of the project. This roadway work will provide a smooth, even ride for motorists.

In order to minimize impacts to residents and businesses along the corridor, paving and restriping activities will take place at night. Intermittent street closures may occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Thank you for your patience during this phase of the project.

-  Kelly Koehler

Paving and landscape-irrigation work has begun on Hospitality Lane between Tippecanoe Avenue and Waterman Avenue. Paving will continue on E Street through mid-November

Bus Driver Tip: Be Seen at Night

Some of you may recognize Luis, one of our Omnitrans Coach Operators who frequently drives Routes 14 and 3.

With Daylight Savings Time taking effect this Sunday, Luis is concerned about passengers who might not be easily seen at night. “With the days getting shorter and it getting dark earlier, visibility can be tough. I want to remind passengers to stand by the bus stop and be sure to signal the driver.”

He also offers this tip: If you have a small flashlight on your keychain, turn it on, point it at the ground and move it back and forth to catch attention. But please be safe. Be sure not to point it at the bus where it could blind your driver.

Thanks, Luis!

Buster and Old Blue a Route 66 hit!

Buster and Old Blue had a great time with friends at this year’s Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion in Ontario.  Click here for a collection of fun photos from this classic car show event!

Fireworks not allowed on buses

Planning your 4th of July celebrations? Be aware that, for the safety of our passengers, the transportation of fireworks is not permitted on any Omnitrans vehicle.

Our offices will be closed and the buses will not be running on Thursday, July 4th. Please remember to plan in advance to make alternate arrangements for your holiday travel.

We wish you and your families a safe and happy Independence Day!

Coach Operator Sings National Anthem

On May 30th, cancer survivor and Omnitrans coach operator Marianne Rose performed the National Anthem at the Inland Empire 66ers baseball game. For Marianne it was an emotional moment. It was a prayer for our country and a heartfelt tribute to her 88-year-old father , Paul Ninichuck, a Marine Captain and Korean War Veteran.

“It meant so much to me that Dad was able to see this,” said Marianne. “He is a humble man who came here from Russia–I am the first generation American in my family. He was a pilot, a ‘Flying Peon,’ instilled with a deep love and respect for this county.  I am so, so proud of him. He always taught us how precious freedom is and how truly blessed we are to live here. This was my way of giving back to him and to all who fought and preserved our freedom.”

Also special to Marianne were the countless hours she spent with her son Jonathan in preparing for her performance.  Jonathan is autistic, and being able to share her love of music with him was especially sweet to her.

“He would play a pretend horn and accompany me while I practiced,” laughed Marianne. “I loved it! When I finally performed it at the game, he stood in the stands and cheered. It meant everything to me.”

The day of her performance, she was all nerves. Bernie, the Inland Empire 66ers mascot, gave her an encouraging hug and a big thumbs up. When she finally opened her mouth to sing, her emotion was apparent to everyone watching.

“Everything I was feeling and was grateful for came flooding out of me,” she said. “It’s a powerful song, and I wanted everyone to really understand what those words meant.”

Afterwards, several of the team players came up to shake her hand. “I’ve never heard it performed that emotionally before,” one of them told her. “Thank you.”

- Juno Kughler Carlson

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Imaginative travel responses from riders

We asked Omnitrans passengers “Where would you go and who would you take with you on a 100 million mile trip?”

From from rock stars to aliens, from cross-country trips to jetting across galaxies,  their answers were so funny and surprising that we thought we’d share a few with you.  Enjoy!

Click here to see their responses. Enjoy!