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New U-Turn at Fairway Drive

Last month our sbX newsletter featured an article about the center-median safety barriers that have been installed at various t-intersections along the corridor. The purpose of the barriers are to restrict cars from entering the future “sbX Only” lane. Thank you to all who provided input regarding the safety barriers. In particular, there were a number of accessibility concerns regarding the barrier at MacKay Street on the south end of E Street.

As a result of feedback, drivers trying to access MacKay Street from the southbound direction on E Street can now make a protected u-turn from a newly installed turn pocket at the t-intersection of E Street and Fairway Drive. This change enables motorists to make a u-turn safely and access MacKay Street heading northbound on E Street.

Have thoughts about the project? Contact us any time, toll free, at (855) SBX-NEWS (729-6397).

–  Kelly Koehler

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E Street Paving Begins; Station Work Resumes

Concrete planters line pedestrian ramp leading to sbX station platform at E Street and Court Street in Downtown San Bernardino.

Major changes are on the way for E Street. To start, the final two station locations at Court Street and at Baseline Street will really start to come together in November. With the station platforms now complete and structure steel erected, crews can focus on installing ticket-vending machines, security cameras and paver tiles on the station platforms.

In addition, the placement of the final layer of asphalt along E Street and Hospitality Lane marks another major sbX milestone. Following completion of paving along Hospitality Lane in early November, crews will move operations to E Street. Crews will work south from the north end of the project. This roadway work will provide a smooth, even ride for motorists.

In order to minimize impacts to residents and businesses along the corridor, paving and restriping activities will take place at night. Intermittent street closures may occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Thank you for your patience during this phase of the project.

–  Kelly Koehler

Paving and landscape-irrigation work has begun on Hospitality Lane between Tippecanoe Avenue and Waterman Avenue. Paving will continue on E Street through mid-November

Schools, non-profits eager for sbX service

Robert Hagen, Director of Volunteer Services with Santa Claus, Inc. of Greater San Bernardino, also is a teacher with the WORC Academy, a partnership between San Bernardino Valley College and the San Bernardino City Unified School District, providing basic skills to help high school grads enter the workforce.

Robert Hagen arrives early Wednesday morning at Santa Claus Inc. of Greater San Bernardino, a non-profit charity providing clothes, books and toys for needy children, where he volunteers as Director of Volunteer Services.

Hagen – also a teacher at the WORC Academy (Working on Real Careers) at Valley College – knows his students will arrive for their assignments at the charity on 6th Street about a mile east of Waterman Avenue. He’s just not sure when.

“If it weren’t for Omnitrans, I don’t know how they would get around,” Hagen said. “They’re looking forward to the rapid-transit service.”

This semester, Hagen works with 12 students who have graduated from high school but are challenged in reading, writing and math. The WORC program, a partnership between Valley College and the San Bernardino City Unified School District, allows them to develop skills that make them hirable to do many of the basic tasks they learn as volunteers.

Most of his students live in the Highland area and public transit is the only transportation they have to get from there to the college on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. They also rely on bus service to get to the non-profit programs – usually on Wednesdays and Fridays – such as Santa Claus Inc., on 6th Street about a mile east of Waterman Avenue; and the San Bernardino Humane Society, near E Street and Orange Show Road.

“My students can walk from Valley College to the Humane Society in less time than it takes to ride the bus,” Hagen said. “There are many organizations they could work for up and down Route 2 but it takes more than an hour to get from the VA to Cal State (San Bernardino). That’s why we’re so excited about this sbX line. It will sure make it easier for them to get around.”

– David Rutherford

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E Street Medians Create Corridor Changes

Recently, crews built sections of median curbs along E Street at non-signalized three-way intersections. These barricades were installed for the safety of the motoring public to keep vehicles from driving across dedicated center-running lanes where the sbX Bus Rapid Transit line will operate.

E Street median curbs have been placed at MacKay Drive, Century Avenue, Orange Show Lane, Oak Street, Athol Street (near San Manuel Stadium), and a small area just north of Rialto Avenue. These are similar to the median curbs built earlier this year on Hospitality Lane at Sunwest Lane, Diners Court and Business Center Drive.

Safety barriers can be a bit tricky to get used to at first. They will require route adjustments for some people to reach their destination. To help motorists get to their destinations, a special map has been created indicating where u turns along the sbX corridor eventually will be allowed. Please click here  to view the u-turn map.

Signalized u turns will be located throughout a 5.4-mile stretch of buses running in exclusive lanes on E Street between 10th Street and Hospitality Lane; and on Hospitality Lane between E Street and Tippecanoe Avenue.

-Kelly Koehler


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E Street in San Bernardino Getting New Look

E Street has a new look in Downtown San Bernardino as crews continue making roadway improvements for the sbX line. New plants and trees will also be placed in the median area.

Motorists driving through Downtown San Bernardino can now see the new street configuration for sbX service. During a two-week period in July, a small section of northbound E Street between 2nd Street and Court Street was closed so construction crews could work on widening the street and build a new center running median that will be fully landscaped. Crews will soon start construction of the Court Street sbX station. Important to note, is that while there is currently a new layer of pavement in this area, the final layer of asphalt will be placed in the coming months and create a smooth, even surface for vehicular traffic.

Crews work on the new E Street median near 2nd Street in Downtown San Bernardino.

Extensive roadway and crosswalk work also took place between Court Street and 6th Street in Downtown. The final layer of asphalt in this area will also be placed in the coming months as well as new striping. Elsewhere on E Street, electrical and masonry work has been taking place at the Highland Avenue, Baseline Street, Rialto Avenue and North Mall Way sbX stations. Work also continues on the sbX stations on Kendall Drive and the CSUSB sbX station is nearing completion.

-Robert Chevez

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Roadways Improved Near Loma Linda Stations

Vehicles now have a smooth road to drive on next to the sbX station platform on Benton Street next to Barton Road in Loma Linda.

Loma Linda construction activities increased significantly in July with progress made at each of the sbX stations in the city.

Asphalt removal, grading and paving took place at the station on the east side of Anderson Street south of Redlands Boulevard; both stations on the northeast and southwest corners of Anderson Street and Prospect Avenue; and at the southern terminus on the southeast corner of Benton Street and Barton Road, next to the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System facility. Motorists will feel a smooth drive through the area as the final cap of asphalt is now in place.

At the station in front of the future park-and-ride facility (west side of Anderson Street south of Redlands Boulevard), crews formed and poured a low concrete wall. They also worked on sidewalk, stairs and ramp construction. Other activities in Loma Linda included painting station steel structures, electrical and surveying.

Roadway Features Change Hospitality Look

In July, crews made substantial progress on the south side of Hospitality Lane and center-running lane area from Carnegie Drive to Tippecanoe Avenue. On the south side of the street, new ADA ramps and sidewalks were completed near Harriman Place and Hospitality Lane. Irrigation and landscaping work also has taken place throughout this stretch.

In the center-running-lane areas, asphalt has been removed so that crews can work on the various layers needed to reinforce the roadway where the sbX coaches will operate. This roadway improvement work is expected to be completed in mid-August. In addition, a concrete center-running median has been built in much of the area between the Carnegie Drive and Tippecanoe Avenue sbX stations. This feature will help to separate westbound and eastbound travel of vehicles. Work also continues at the Hunts Lane sbX station, with electrical features to be installed in the coming months.