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Throwback Thursday: sbX Blue Tree Project

This blue pine tree behind the old Omnitrans bus shelter on University Parkway at Cal State, San Bernardino was one of three trees that were cleared in 2012 to make way for the future campus sbX Bus Rapid Transit Station.

old CSUSB sbX station - blue tree project

The Blue Tree Project was a part of a program to develop ecologically themed artwork for the station. The tree was painted blue so that the images on the glass panels could serve as a visual barometer for air quality.

CSUSB sbX station - Blue Tree Project

Using blue colors, photography, and other artistic methods, artists transposed images of the pine tree onto the station’s glass panels. The images blend into blue sky and can be difficult to see on a clear day, but become more visible during overcast days and when the air is polluted.

The project was a collaboration that between Omnitrans sbX BRT, the Cal State University, San Bernardino Art Department and professional artists from Greenmeme.

CSUSB sbX station - Blue Tree Project

Each of the Omnitrans sbX stations features art with various themes.  Click here for a list of artists, themes, descriptions and photos of a few of the art installations.

Juno Kughler Carlson

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Construction of final sbX station underway

Construction crews have laid the foundation for a concrete pedestrian ramp at the intersection of E Street and Court Street, which will lead to a station platform in the area of center-running lanes in Downtown San Bernardino; on the right are samples of artistic platform and crosswalk pavers.

Each month it becomes easier to visualize what the final sbX corridor will look like – and the Downtown San Bernardino area is no exception. In October, you’ll see an increase in construction as work is now underway at the final sbX station at Court and E streets. Located in the heart of Downtown, this station will serve as a key stop for those visiting City Hall, grabbing a bite to eat at local favorite Molly’s Cafe or catching a movie at Regal San Bernardino Stadium 14 & RPX.

In the coming weeks and month, construction crews will focus on building the station platform. You’ll see a steel and concrete framework built to support the steel canopy of the station. Paving crews will then work on a pedestrian walkway from the station to the intersection and installing concrete tile on the platform. Other milestones in the Downtown area will include the completion of center-lane paving, the patterned-pedestrian crosswalks and new landscaping. It’s all coming together for the start of service in April 2014!

-Kelly Koehler


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