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Throwback Thursday: sbX Blue Tree Project

This blue pine tree behind the old Omnitrans bus shelter on University Parkway at Cal State, San Bernardino was one of three trees that were cleared in 2012 to make way for the future campus sbX Bus Rapid Transit Station.

old CSUSB sbX station - blue tree project

The Blue Tree Project was a part of a program to develop ecologically themed artwork for the station. The tree was painted blue so that the images on the glass panels could serve as a visual barometer for air quality.

CSUSB sbX station - Blue Tree Project

Using blue colors, photography, and other artistic methods, artists transposed images of the pine tree onto the station’s glass panels. The images blend into blue sky and can be difficult to see on a clear day, but become more visible during overcast days and when the air is polluted.

The project was a collaboration that between Omnitrans sbX BRT, the Cal State University, San Bernardino Art Department and professional artists from Greenmeme.

CSUSB sbX station - Blue Tree Project

Each of the Omnitrans sbX stations features art with various themes.  Click here for a list of artists, themes, descriptions and photos of a few of the art installations.

Juno Kughler Carlson

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Mural inspired by the San Bernardino Transit Center


The mural depicts imagery related to the various modes of transportation that all come together at the transit center and serve the community.

Inspired by the new Omnitrans transit center located in the City of San Bernardino, Louie Solano a resident of Fontana who maintains an art studio and gallery in Riverside, created this final concept for a temporary mural which depicts the iconic physical and environmental landscape of the San Bernardino region. The 8’ x 51’ mural titled “Exposure” depicts imagery related to the various modes of transportation that all come together at the transit center and serve the community.

Using a general design motif that speaks to the future of transportation in the area, the artist uses bright colors and a graphic sense of movement to convey the significant change and growth of regional transportation. Located in the center of the composition is the new Omnitrans transit center and from it all roads spring forth into the community. To depict a sense of the “intergenerational and multi-cultural” aspect of the transit user within the region, Solano details all figures in a colorful graphic form and shows them participating in a variety of activities; biking, Metrolink, walking and bus transportation.


The background of the left side of the composition shows the natural beauty of the San Bernardino Mountains. The artist depicts a mountain landscape to remind the viewer of this prized destination and picturesque landscape visible to most areas served by Omnitrans. On the right side of the composition, the artist includes silhouettes of buildings that depict a variety of notable structures of the region. The Mission Inn; AK Smiley Library; Beverly Ranch; Bono’s Restaurant and Deli; The Harvey House; Wigwam Village and the Kelso Railroad Depot.   These historic structures are all listed on the National Registry for Historic Places in San Bernardino County. They evoke the idea of the various urban centers of the region within the service area of Omnitrans.

The mural also contains imagery of Metrolink trains, the standard Omnitrans bus and the custom sbX bus. A depiction of the new transit center is shown in the middle of the composition to remind us all of the central role the new transit center will play in the future of the region.

For more about the artist, visit his website:  http://www.hippieone.com/#!about/c240r

Omnitrans Facility Supervisor John Gensel hangs the mural.

Omnitrans Facility Supervisor John Gensel hangs the mural.