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GoSmart College Pass Program Summer Update

This article has been updated. Click here for more details.

Great news! The Go Smart college pass program continues through July for students who were registered during the Springe 2012 semester at Chaffey, Crafton Hills and Valley Colleges!

The 2011/12 pilot program was set to end June 30th and the 5-year program begins on August 1st.  Students at the Art Institute of California-Inland Empire will continue to Go Smart, as their program was extended through June 30, 2013.

Sorry, but the Cal State San Bernardino program ends June 30th. If you are a Cal State San Bernardino student and this program is important to you, you can let your college know by notifying these contacts:

Commuter Services
Email: Rideshare@csusb.edu

ASI Associated Students Inc.
909-537-5932 or 909-537-5930
Email: asi-pres@csusb.edu

About GoSmart
With the Go Smart program, students at participating colleges pay a $7.50 transportation fee as part of their college fees at the beginning of each semester which allows them to ride the bus for free with their student ID throughout the year.

Chaffey College students ride Omnitrans free with their student I.D.