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Omnitrans is an affordable transportation option for getting around the San Bernardino Valley. When you ride Omnitrans, you can pay cash for the exact fare for each individual trip, or save money with a 1-day, 7-day or 31-day bus pass. Reduced fares are offered for youth, seniors, Medicare recipients, and persons with disabilities. View details on reduced fare eligibility requirements below. Children 46" and under can ride for free.

Local Fixed Route Buses, OmniGo, sbX Full Fare Rider Full Cash Fare $1.75
Day Pass $5.00
7-Day Pass $18.00
31-Day Pass $55.00
Seniors/Disability/Medicare Full Cash Fare $0.75
Day Pass $2.25
7-Day Pass $8.00
31-Day Pass $27.50
Youth 7-Day Pass $14.00
31-Day Pass $41.00
Access ADA Service Cash Fare or Ticket 1 - 3 Zone Trip $3.25
Additional Zones $1.00
Beyond Boundary Fee $5.00
GoSmart Program
In the GoSmart program, transportation fees for students at participating schools are prepaid to allow them unlimited free rides using their school ID. It's a great way to save on gas, avoid parking hassles and get in some extra study time! Students must be currently enrolled and have a valid student ID from a participating school, college or university. The GoSmart program applies to all Omnitrans fixed route service including OmniGo and sbX rapid transit. GoSmart Students pre-qualified for Access service are eligible for a 20% discount on Access tickets. Contact Omnitrans Pass Sales at 909-379-7100 for details.

GoSmart Partner Schools
Bus Passes
Omnitrans bus passes are a smart way to save. 1-day and 7-day passes may be purchased on board buses. You may buy 31-day, 7-day and 10 packs of 1-day passes online through the Omnitrans Store, by mail (download the Passes by Mail brochure with order form), or at one of our many bus pass outlets conveniently located throughout the San Bernardino Valley (view list of pass outlets).

Types of Passes (See fare table for pass pricing)
1 Day Pass (sold in pack of 10)
Get 10 passes for the price of just 9! This pass allows unlimited trips per day on the day of your choice. Seniors and persons with disabilities can purchase 10-trip passes for a reduced amount.
Full fare rider: $45.00
Senior/Disability/Medicare: $20.00

7-Day Pass
Allows you to ride for 7 consecutive days without having to hassle with exact fare. Ride as often as you like. Seniors, youth, and persons with disabilities can purchase 7-Day passes for a reduced amount. 7-Day Passes may be purchased on board.
Full fare rider: $18.00
Senior/Disability/Medicare: $8.00
Youth: $14.00

31-Day Pass
Allows you to ride for 31 consecutive days starting with the first use. For example, if the first use is January 15, the pass will be valid through February 14. This is the best value for regular riders. You can ride as often as you like. Seniors, youth, and persons with disabilities can purchase 31-Day passes for a reduced amount. 31-Day Passes may be purchased on board.
Full fare rider: $55.00
Senior/Disability/Medicare: $27.50
Youth: $41.00
Proof of Ownership
Please sign your 31-day and 7-day bus pass. Proof of ownership verified with additional identification may be requested at any time by Omnitrans bus drivers. Passes are non-transferable. Misuse of passes may result in denial of service.
Reduced Fare Eligibility Requirements
Proof of Eligibility must be provided each time you purchase an Omnitrans Senior/Disability/Medicare, or Youth bus pass or fare. Proof of eligibility for discounted passes also may be requested at any time by Omnitrans bus drivers. Forms of identification accepted on board include Omnitrans Senior, Disability or ADA Identification cards, Medicare card, high school ID card (for youth), or DMV card (for proof of age).

Seniors/Disabled/Medicare discount eligibility
Seniors 62 and older and persons with disabilities qualify for a discounted rate on fares and bus passes. Proof of eligibility such as an Omnitrans Senior ID card and/or Omnitrans Disability ID card is required. Getting an Omnitrans ID Card is easy, and a convenient way to show proof of eligibility. Learn more about Senior and Disability ID Cards.

Youth discount eligibility
Youth age 18 and under qualify for a discount on selected fares and passes with proof of age or high school ID. Students over age 18 must pay full fare rates, unless they are enrolled at a school, college or university that is participating in the Omnitrans GoSmart program. Learn more about GoSmart.
Accepted Fare Media
Public transit organizations often work together and accept each other's fare media when you transfer. View details on Accepted Fare Media.
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