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sbX serves the San Bernardino E Street corridor from CSUSB to Loma Linda University.
sbX Rapid Transit Service
sbX Route and Schedule
The sbX Green line, San Bernardino County’s first-ever express passenger service, offers quick, convenient, comfortable, and affordable transportation to major destinations in the cities of San Bernardino and Loma Linda.

Whether you are headed to work, appointments, school, shopping, or entertainment, sbX rapid transit can get you there faster thanks to dedicated bus-only lanes, traffic signal prioritization, and station stops at every mile along the corridor.
  • Service runs every 10 minutes during peak hours, 15 minutes off peak
  • Prime route destinations along the 16-mile route include: Cal State University San Bernardino, the Downtown Civic Center, San Bernardino High School, San Manuel Stadium, Inland Center Mall, Orange Show Events Center, Hospitality Lane, Loma Linda University & Medical Center and the VA Hospital.
  • View the sbX schedule
sbx Fares and Payment Options
  • sbX costs the same and accepts the same bus passes as regular Omnitrans bus routes. See Fares page.
  • To speed up boarding, passengers are encouraged to buy a pass in advance at a pass outlet or at a ticket vending machine at the sbX stations. Ticket vending machines accept credit or debit card payments only.
  • Cash customers should board at the door closest to the front and pay the exact amount at the fare box by the driver.
  • Prepaid passes can be activated and swiped at fare validators located at all doors. Be prepared to show proof of payment while onboard.
  • Students from participating GoSmart schools ride sbX free with their student ID
The sbX fleet is powered by compressed natural gas and has free on board Wi-Fi, charging stations and bike racks.
sbX Vehicle Features
  • The sbX fleet consists of fourteen deluxe 60-foot articulated vehicles powered by environmentally-friendly compressed natural gas.
  • Each vehicle can accommodate two wheelchairs or mobility devices, including one new rear-facing, self-securement position.
  • Spacious interiors and enhanced seating provide a relaxing and comfortable ride.
  • On-board Wi-Fi and convenient power outlets make it easy to surf the web or charge your smart device.
  • Bikes roll directly on board to secure safely and easily in one of our 4 convenient interior bike racks.
  • Passengers know exactly when and where to get on or off with our visual and audible stop announcements.
  • Level boarding, five doors and front and rear fare boxes expedite entry and exit times. View boarding diagram.
sbX Station Features
sbX stations feature ticket vending machines, digital arrival times displays, free Wi-Fi and customer service call boxes.
  • Platform-level boarding allows easy entry and exit.
  • Ticket vending machines enable riders to purchase passes using a credit or debit card.
  • Digital signs display arrival times
  • Closed circuit cameras monitor platform security 24/7.
  • Inspired art designs capture the culture and heritage of the communities served
  • Canopies and wind screens offer protection from wind, sun and rain
  • Four park-and-ride lots are located at Palm Avenue, Marshall Boulevard, 2nd/City Hall and Anderson Street
  • Free Wi-Fi is available at every station—perfect for those who want to stay connected while on the go.
  • Emergency telephones connect to local law enforcement 24/7
  • A customer service call box gives riders instant access to a live operator during business hours.
sbX stations offer a host of ADA-friendly features designed to make sbX accessible, safe and comfortable for riders with disabilities.
ADA Station Features
sbX stations offer a host of ADA-friendly features designed to make sbX accessible, safe and comfortable for riders with disabilities.
  • Station ramps and waiting areas allow easy access for wheelchairs and mobility devices.
  • Level boarding and a deployable bridge plate eliminate the need for hydraulic lifts and doorway ramps.
  • A crosswalk communications system includes an audible alert to notify people when it is safe to cross.
  • Planter boxes and textured floor strips along walkways and station platforms help those with visual impairments navigate on and around the station platforms.
How to Ride sbX
sbX stations feature  ticket vending machines enabling riders to purchase passes using a credit or debit card. Riding sbX is as easy as it is quick and comfortable. Please check station signs to ensure you are boarding a vehicle going in the right direction.

Passengers board and exit using multiple doors. At center-lane stations, two doors will open, while at curbside stations there are three doors. View Boarding Diagram. Audible alerts announce upcoming stations. When you are ready to exit at your stop, simply press the stop button or strip to alert the driver.

Mobility devices:
Passengers in wheelchairs/mobility devices should board at the middle door at curbside stations and at the forward door at the center lane stations. Each vehicle offers two positions for wheelchairs or mobility devices, including one new rear-facing, self-securement position.

Passengers with bicycles should board at the rear doors. Each sbX vehicle holds up to four bicycles. Place bike in racks located inside the bike storage area with bike facing the rear of the bus. Wedge the rear tire between the metal bars. Secure bike using the nylon strap, fastened to the metal railing above racks.

Most importantly, follow these safety tips:
  • View the sbX Safety Video or read through our sbX Safety Brochure
  • Stand back and wait for the bus to completely stop before boarding.
  • Do not climb on structure steel, benches, fences or ticket vending machines.
  • Never jaywalk to or from a bus station, use crosswalks.
  • Do not run to stations, on station platforms or away from stations.
  • Obey new traffic signs, signals and lane striping at all times.
  • Be a good neighbor. Respect all passengers and the rules of the bus.
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